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With exactly one week to go before Christmas, Chef Seeto offers his advice and tips on how to make the festive meal, a more healthy Fijian feast.

NO matter what your religion or race, Christmas Day is a time to rekindle friendships and reconnect with your family and there is no better way to show your appreciation and love than through food. Gas stoichiometry practice Whether it’s the lovo, barbecue or a more traditional Western fare of stuffed turkey, smoked leg of ham and colourful Christmas salads, a lot of careful planning and effort is needed to make this day a success.

Like all festive feasts cooked at home, your best and worse critics will soon let you know what they think of your cooking if it’s not right. 76 gas station locations And God forbid if you run out of food!

At every buffet or family gathering, there is always someone who decides to eat more than their fair share of exotic or expensive dishes such as seafood or your grandmother’s secret roast pork recipe leaving less for everyone else to enjoy.

A cunning way to stretch out popular dishes and contain food cost is to serve them half way through the festivities or at the very end of the table buffet. Electricity load profile It’s an old technique used by most Chinese buffet restaurants to get diners to fill their plate and tummy with the cheaper items such as breads, soups, chicken, pork, fish, vegetables and starches first. Electricity off Prawns and seafood are placed at the other end of the selection just when a diner’s plate is usually too full to fit anything more.

When I was boy, my father embarrassingly showed me how to get our money’s worth at a buffet by starting at the opposite end of the line where the giant prawns and crabs were placed. Gas urban dictionary At one luncheon, where the buffet queues were quite long, another patron angrily shouted that we were starting at the wrong end, to which my father boldly replied: “Where’s the sign that says you must start at your end?”

The Polynesian earth oven is a marvel of ancient gastronomy that survives today as it is still the most economical and efficient way to cook for big families and large events. Power quiz questions But there is no reason why you can’t make the food more festive and less like another boring lovo.

Marinate meats with dry rubs including classic Christmas spices such as nut­­meg, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, all spice and mixed herbs. Electricity and magnetism physics Chinese five spice powder is ideal at Christmas because it is a premixed blend of cinnamon, cloves, fennel seeds, star anise and Sichuan peppercorns.

For root crops, I love chopping them into chunky pieces after they’ve been cooked in the lovo and mixing them with mayonnaise, honey and mustard. X men electricity mutant Leave the skins on as the burnt and smokey flavour gives the warm salad more depth of flavour. Z gas el salvador precios And if you’re a lover of turkey like me, try cooking it in the lovo this Christmas instead of the oven.

If digging a lovo seems too arduous or you simply don’t have river stones and firewood, an outdoor barbecue Christmas is the perfect alternative. Gas pains or contractions Whether you have a gas barbecue or a simple wood fire in the ground, the waft of grilled meats, seafood and vegetables is guaranteed to make everyone hungry.

Whole chickens are best butterflied open and rubbed with spices and sauce, before placing them directly over the grill. B games basketball I love using citrus ingredients such as lemons, lime, oranges and lemongrass on the barbecue, and they work well with Asian sauces such as chunky brown bean sauce or Korean bulgogi.

Skewered meats and seafood are also ideal for the barbecue but remember to presoak the bamboo skewers first otherwise they’ll burn to charcoal.

Large chunks of vegetables are also great on a barbecue like halved capsicums, eggplant, zucchini and all the root crops. Gas jet size chart The secret is to baste them with a herb-infused olive or coconut oil or a green herb paste such as a chimichurri or salsa verde. Electricity deregulation map And if you have whole fish planned for Christmas, grill it over charcoal and them submerge it in a sweet and sour sauce of sweet chilli, coriander, mint and tamarind. J gastrointest surg Divine!

Price aside, it still baffles me why so many people don’t like eating turkey in Fiji. Electricity jokes puns Some say they don’t like the smell while others say it is too dry. Grade 6 science electricity test I’m not complaining as there’s always plenty for me, but this wondrous bird has been the mainstay of the Western Christmas feast for centuries and when cooked right with the right marinade and stuffing is once-a-year experience that I look forward to. A level physics electricity questions and answers The size of this prehistoric bird — often more than 3-4 kilograms — transports me back to a more archaic time when wild birds, fowl and pheasants were roasted whole for kings by the royal palace chefs. Natural electricity examples The typical cooking time for turkeys can be 3-4 hours so protecting the parts that can dry easily is paramount. Electricity lesson plans 4th grade Placing knobs of butter under the skin near the breast will help moisten the meat, while covering the legs with foil during the first few hours will prevent them from burning or drying too much.

A full Christmas turkey experience is not the same without a stuffing of dried fruits and nuts, cranberry sauce and gravy made from the roasted turkey juices. Wd gaster And when everyone has devoured the meat, keep the carcass, as turkey bones make one of the best rice congees (savoury rice porridge) that when you smell it wafting across the house the next day, you’ll also wonder why you don’t eat turkey more often.

When it comes to eating meats, Pacific Islanders are notorious for their ferocious appetites, often at the expense of balancing a meal with vegetables and salad. Z gastroenterol journal At a Christmas staff function I noticed one of my chefs with a mountain plate of lovo meats. Gas house dance hall I asked him if he was going to dish any salad and he cheekily replied: “I’m allergic to salad!” This imbalance in the modern diet is a huge challenge for doctors trying to get their patients to eat less meats, especially red meats, to help reduce weight and cholesterol.

For many, a salad is seen as a boring and unfulfilling side dish, but there are many creative ways to turn local vegetables into something more. B games unblocked The secret of good salad is in the dressing and textural ingredients, and at Christmas time using colours of the Christmas tree makes it even more festive.

Vegetables and salad ingredients can be boring on their own but serving them with a sweet and sour dressing, mayonnaise-based dressing or vinegar gastrique will have your tastebuds jumping. Gas tax in ct Textural ingredients in a salad can include crunchy additions such as nuts, toasted sesame seeds and fried shallots, while creamy ingredients such as avocado, cheese or even freshly grated coconut adds another contrasting element to the raw vegetables. Electricity in costa rica for travelers When it comes to roasted, grilled or lovo vegetables, adding spices and aromatics along with butter, olive oil or coconut oil will entice even the most anti-vegetarian family member to add them to their plate.