A church just erected a “nativity” scene with an absurd anti-trump message culture watch news gas leak chicago


This church is no better than the immigrants who use a baby as a pawn to secure their rights in this country. gas finder map Mary and Joseph went through conflict, running, hiding because of their ethnicity, they however didn’t demand they be treated different. They didn’t kill or treat people badly, they were honored to be chosen to be Jesus’s earthly parents. I have a problem with what this church did using the Christ child as a pawn just as I have a problem with immigrants using children as a pawn to gain rights, is it a child made from love or is it a meal ticket😔The 14th amendment says they are born a citizen BUT because this child cannot be held accountable or judgement of the understanding of the laws his parents are, so if they are illegal than so is the child. He still has a dual citizenship but his parents need to follow the law, they are the ones that are held accountable. a level physics electricity questions and answers Ex: a child of 4 finds an insecure gun and accidentally shoots and injures or God forbid kills a sibling, he even tho he is a citizen by birth is not accountable for his actions- his parents however are starting with child endangerment, child neglect , improper storage of a weapon and so much more, why because the citizen child cannot comprehend the law but he is still a citizen. Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem for the census as they were following the law. tropico 5 electricity The wise men were stopped many times and asked what their business was and they said they were following the writings that foretold of a Great event, they as Redpected wise men were allowed passage to continue their journey. Come to the US but do it respectfully and correctly, follow the law , if the tables were turned would you not expect me to be respectful of your country and the law!! Leave your horrid interpretation of peace on earth in the trash! Follow Gods word , respect the Christ child and what he means to the World. c gastritis der antrumschleimhaut Not what you think he should mean or represent, nice lesson for the kids , if you don’t like something just change it so it makes you happy. electricity questions and answers physics You didn’t show them Christianity, you showed them it’s okay to be disrespectful not only to your country but to God!

As it is in most cases of this type, when you drill down a little below the surface you find that this is a false comparison. Mary and Joseph were not illegal aliens or breaking any laws via immigrating to Bethlehem from their home town in the north of the same country. In fact, as the Romans controlled all of the region, the inhabitants were free to travel anywhere within Roman jurisdiction, and that included Egypt where they ultimately did flee to. electricity news philippines They did tis to avoid Herod’s decree that infant males as old as 2 or 3 years be put to death, this is referred to as the “slaughter of the innocents”. Herod did this to kill the foretold King of the Jews. gas up asheville The often told traditional Nativity story uses time compression. The visit from the Wise Men actually did not happen until some time after the birth. We know this from a comparison of the accounts in the scriptures. The Christ child was born in a manger. When the Wise Men arrive, the Christ child is not called a baby or babe or infant but a young child, the Wise men found him in a house and not a manger. So, I repeat that the comparison is faulty at best, historically and Biblically wrong. gas definition This is nothing more than a liberal political statement, the premise of which is as usual false.