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After last week’s off day, I took pains to make sure we had a better agility class—and a better day overall—this week. e gasoline Even though I was off of work again, I got up at 5:00 am and took Rain on our morning jaunt to the park like every other weekday morning. I know she appreciated it. Before class we went to the park where Rain played fetch, sniffed critter holes, and generally got to be a dog for a bit. I could already tell she seemed more calm than last week.

There are often cows grazing on the property next door, but they are usually much further away than this. 101 gas station Their hay trailer was perched on the hill in the trees, which I suspect had something to do with it. One black cow ( Angus?) got a bit closer to the fence in almost a defensive way, and the others watched. Two Hereford calves eventually galloped by to join what I’m assuming was their mom. Rain was interested in checking the bovines out, but didn’t make a sound. (Yay!)

In class, Molly had a pretty long course set up—20 obstacles in all! I walked the course at the start of class while Rain enjoyed her Kong. The course flow was fairly easy, except in a few spots where a cone was on the back side of a jump, behind us, or in some other non-obvious spot. electricity jewels There were a couple of spots with gotchas, too—a tunnel opening next to the ramp of the dog walk, or one spot where we should be sending to the far side of the tunnel instead of the close side. Pretty tricky!

Molly started with the shortest dog this week—little Aria—and worked her way up by jump height. gas news today This meant that we were last. Enough time had lapsed that of course I had forgotten the course progression on some of those less obvious spots. Rain and I had to stop and redo a few small sequences a few times to get them right, but eventually we were able to do the whole thing with almost no interruption. Pretty good! I felt like Rain was focusing and working better than last week and I wasn’t doing too bad either.

Rain and I finished and headed back to our spots on the platform. gaston yla agrupacion santa fe 2016 Rain was trotting just a little ahead of me heading right back to her mat, and then suddenly there was a ruckus with Reuben. Rain had a barking explosion but within a couple of seconds she had put on her brakes and I grabbed her harness. Reuben and his people headed out, and I took Rain right outside the arena door for a chance to calm down. Once outside, she shook right off and seemed just fine again.

The good news—and this is very good—is that Rain has shown a strong herding instinct in this situation and the situation with the raccoon last year. She will bark a LOT and maybe corner the beast that gets her all excited, but she’s not generally a chomper. That said, her constant bubbling-pot energy put others on edge—dog and human alike. f gas regulations r22 Over the last three years she has come a long way for sure, but she’s still a challenging little dog to work with and around. (Lucky me!)

Once we were home for the evening, Rain showed some signs of actually being worn out for the day. Whether it was our extra-long agility course, re-running certain segments, the 20-inch jumps, the long fetch session at the park before class, seeing cows up close, or the argument with Ruben—I had some mixed feelings about Rain showing some exhaustion. If she was sore in the morning, I was prepared with some Rimadyl samples, but otherwise I enjoyed the quiet evening.