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Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? Or maybe to some other place so incredibly beautiful and awe-inspiring that it’s difficult to adequately convey its vast brilliance in mere words to someone who has never been? That’s how I feel about having seen Hamilton on Broadway on January 31, 2016. No postcard or glossy calendar image could possibly delight an audience the way the live performance of Hamilton so powerfully does. I am a live entertainment junkie (theater, music, dance, etc.), and I am unapologetically obsessed with the magic that happens on Broadway. Since first listening to its Broadway cast recording, I have been particularly obsessed with Hamilton, a new musical about one of the United States’ founding fathers who was gas stoichiometry problems a poor immigrant and unlikely hero before his dedicated service to our country and illustrious albeit embattled political career ultimately put him on the ten dollar bill: Alexander Hamilton. Creatively told in hip-hop, rap, and various other musical styles, atypically and electricity review worksheet answers purposely cast with people of color, and sold out through the end of 2016, Hamilton is nothing short of a phenom. And deservedly so. I continue to marvel at so much about this show, including how Miranda chiseled Hamilton the Musical from the dense and snoozy (though very well-written) 832-page historical bio. It is reminiscent of Renaissance artist Michelangelo seeing and freeing David from the marble slab. Show-Time. Show-Time!!! The set is simple and perfect. It is the tavern, it is the battlefield, it is the ballroom, it is the courthouse, it is Washington’s office, it is the street corner where AHam meets Maria Reynolds, it is Uptown, and so on. It is everything, and it is more than enough. The show starts with the phenomenally-talented Leslie Odom, Jr. as Aaron Burr introducing the key players in AHam’s life, and then Hamilton himself. Javier Munoz plays the title character on Sunday matinees right now — confidently and seamlessly. Admittedly, having pictured Lin-Manuel as Hamilton all 367 times I have listened to the cast recording, it took that first full scene for me to mentally shift and connect with him — my deficit, not his. He was spectacular! Just as with the original cast recording, scenes move swiftly and effortlessly as the story unfolds. The audience is transfixed and transported back in time to 1776, then pulled through twenty-eight years of critical and poignant AHam life moments in the course of two hours and forty-five minutes (with electricity generation in california a room-shaking Non-Stop performance leading up to the 15 minute intermission). Seeing most of the original cast was a glorious treat! The voices I know and love so well were even more intense and lovely in person than they sound in my earbuds and through my car speakers. Of course, the live orchestra made each song richer. I can still feel in my chest the rumble of the drums, mimicking battlefield canons. Phillipa Soo as Eliza is sheer perfection — her voice is pure and equally strong in Burn as it is tender in Take a Break. Renee Elise Goldsberry is fierce and gorgeous as Eliza’s sister Angelica. Peggy (as well as Maria Reynolds) was played by an understudy for this particular performance. I’m not sure where Jasmine Cephas Jones was, but I hope to see her next time. Yes, there electricity physics pdf will be several next times. The biggest overall surprise and delight for me was the achingly-beautiful dancers, their truly perfect forms in understated but context-rich costumes told as much of the story as the main characters’ words did. They floated in and out of scenes with desks, chairs, glasses and weapons in precise and mesmerizing ways. Just as the music for the show is eclectic and character-based (to an extent that becomes more obvious when you see the performance), the dance is a unique combination of ballet, modern, and hip-hop. Add a flush and invisible turntable center-stage around which each scene is carefully choreographed and orchestrated, and electricity per kwh it’s just one long story-dance. Every arabesque, pop, strut, point, and flex is deliberate (as is everything in the show) and truly breath-taking. Daveed Diggs knocked our proverbial socks off as both Frenchman-turned-Patriot Lafayette in the first half and as Thomas Jefferson in the second half. What an incredible force of nature, this man. He is one of those energetic spirits that seems only-barely-contained by his human form. He is animated, wildly expressive, extremely funny and simply a joy to watch. As with live entertainment of any type, there are special unique moments in every performance, and those lucky enough to sit close to the stage are allowed in on the secret language and chemistry between the actors. At the January 31st matinee of Hamilton, we had the great pleasure of seeing Jonathan Groff’s hysterically-funny King George make ABurr crack a wee smile at what should have been a semi-serious moment, the electric energy exchange between Jefferson and Hamilton during the Cabinet Meetings raised our arm hairs, and we wept harder than we might’ve otherwise when we witnessed the very genuine tears streaming down Odom’s face as Hamilton was being rowed back across the Hudson. I have to talk about Leslie Odom, Jr. once more here and his transitional journey of storyteller and infamous dueler Aaron Burr throughout the show. From his reticence to confirm his name when he meets Alexander 1 unit electricity price india in the second scene to his realization of his first true moment of conviction in The Room Where it Happens, to his ironically first and final act of defiance is a marvelous Tony-award-worthy crescendo. Odom vibrates on a frequency that is other-worldly. He *must* win the Tony for a Lead Actor, in my opinion, even though that would mean creator Miranda would not, though to be fair, I did not get to see his performance. Interestingly, both men will likely be up for Lead category awards along with Soo (for gas 66 female lead) in June 2016. It’s not just that the cast is extremely talented, visibly bonded, and clearly invested in each moment of the show and all that it stands for. It’s not just the tightly-strung and deeply-intentional lyrics are laced with every literary device you can imagine, including allusions to Shakespeare, the game of chess, laws of physics, and Greek mythology, as well as foreshadowing, irony, and metaphors that would make any English professor proud. It’s not just an incredible tale of one man’s impossible yet historically-factual and timelessly relevant journey. It’s layers and layers of exceptional genius and exquisite artistic choices melded together into something extraordinary that will stick with me forever like no other show has. Hamilton is the Grand Canyon of Broadway: deep gsa 2016 new orleans, gorgeous, divinely-crafted, breath-taking, and unexplainable. This wordy postcard surely does it no justice. So, go see it for yourself. GO! . . . If you can manage to score seats. P.S. Being in Row D has the added benefit of eye-contact with the main characters at the end of the show when they are downstage in the final moments. I had a blissful moment of eye connection with Soo AND with Odom and no one will convince me otherwise. *I am still swooning.* P.P.S. Who can hook me up with a seat to the Tony Awards? I want to be in the room where THAT happens, too!!