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Taylor: I grew up dancing in Casper, and I have my bachelors degree in dance from the University of Wyoming. After I graduated I moved to San Diego with my husband and when I was there I went through a comprehensive Pilates teacher training program, which is about 500 hours of worth of Pilates teacher training. And I became a certified fitness instructor and I started studying Yoga. I lived in New York City for a couple of years, where I taught Pilates there. And then we moved back here a little over six years ago because we had our son and wanted to be closer to family, so I decided to open my own business so I could teach.

Taylor: Yeah. We have dance classes for all ages; ballet, tap, jazz… we have kids as young as two. I even have adult ballet classes off and on. And then I teach yoga classes to adults. I’ve also done family yoga classes and kids yoga classes. And then I have Pilates classes, including one-on-one lessons. During the school year it’s hard to do a lot of that now that I’m teaching. But I have five Pilates reformers, which are machines for Pilates. They use springs for resistance. And so we do small group training sessions. I’m a certified bar instructor, as well. I’m a certified Yoga instructor, too.

Taylor: Bar uses a ballet bar. It’s kind of a fusion of ballet, Pilates and yoga set to upbeat music. So you do most of your exercises at the ballet bar. So it’s taking like a ballet exercise with more of a fitness feel. We’ll use lhand weights and straps and mini balls and stuff like that, and you have the bar for support. It’s really fun.

Taylor: For pointe shoes, absolutely, yeah. You need at least a couple years of good training in ballet. Little kids that are interested in being on pointe but they need to be 11 years old at a minimum in addition to having a few years experience of being in ballet just to make sure the bones and the muscles have matured enough to handle being in pointe shoes… And then, a lot of body awareness, core strength, foot strength.

Taylor: So many things – discipline, body awareness, they get exercise. We do these productions, as well, so they get to see their part contribute to a whole. They learn a lot of respect and etiquette. Ballet is very disciplined and very routine, so they learn respect for the art form and the respect for an instructor and a respect for tradition and routine – so many amazing benefits… Improved self-esteem, spatial awareness. They make amazing friends.

Taylor: Same benefits. Time management, as well, is a big one. It’s responsibility… They have to come prepared for class, they have to do their homework at home and remember their part, they have to practice on their own. It’s not like they can show up after school and have ballet class. They have to have their hair done, they have to have a leotard on, they have to have tights on, they have their ballet shoes on, they have to be on time. So they learn all of the same things as little kids, but I put more pressure on them… Some of this training of the kids is really training the parents. ‘Why didn’t you show up with your tights? Well my mom didn’t wash my tights. Well, you need to talk to your mom.’

Taylor: I’m sure there’s a lot of research, but being active in general is a step towards a longer life. Yoga is all about trying to teach your mind to be present. Most people – our minds are going to shift in and out of past and present throughout the day. We’re thinking about what we have to do tomorrow, we’re worrying about what’s going to happen next, we’re dwelling on things that happened in the past. Our bodies can only be in the now; we can only be present with our bodies. So us in a practice, which is the movements you do in Yoga, or the poses, is a way to use your body to be present. So when I’m focusing on what my body is doing, I’m focusing on what I’m doing right now, instead of what I’m doing tomorrow or later… It’s a form of stress relief for a lot of people.

Taylor: Oh my gosh… I think people would be nicer to each other. When I was going through yoga teacher training, we had this joke about how much nicer people would be to each other and stress free. There’s this whole campaign for an IPod for every kid at school… what about a yoga mat?