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A Dong Silk What a disappointing experience. I have been working in the fashion industry for 35 years in Australia both in manufacturing and in retailing. I was recommended to go to A Dong Silk. I walked in very excited to have my silk organza made up that I purchased in Australia. The shop was pristine with electricity electricity lyrics 8 sales attendants standing around doing very little ( playing on their phones and iPads). I had to ask for service. I wanted some very simple garments made: shirts with and without collars. No detail no design lines very easy. My only request was french seams…. A fair and reasonable request considering the fabric was see through and you could see the seams. Their quote was expensive however y gasset they appeared professional. This was not the case as after an extensive conversation with one of the retail girls they organised my order and I paid half deposit. On retuning to my hotel there was a message to call them. They decided my order was too difficult and wanted me to return to their shop and collect my deposit and fabric. How unprofessional! I then went to the Cloth Market and found ‘Jenny no 9’ she was sensational all my garments were beautifully made and I could not be happier. Her quality and service were outstanding. More Show less

Dear Susan C, Firstly, please kindly accept our sincere apology not to bring the unsatisfactory experience when you came to our shop. We look forwards to receiving your sympathy and also want to explain more details as follows: 1. Our Service: Thank you for your feedbacks about our staff’s working attitude. All staffs in your said situation will be totally responsible for not obeying our company’s regulations. 2. Your order : Our sales staff received your order. However, after reviewing your style and your favorite fabrics, our tailors knew about the risks influencing on the product quality. The ultimate goal of our refusal was that we did not try to take gas x side effects liver your money at all costs; we wanted to protect client interests by not hesitating to go to your hotel, explain and return the amount you gas pains or contractions have deposited, not as you said in your review “wanted me to return to their shop and collect my deposit and fabric”. You have rights to give the feedback about our products and services; however it should be the truth. Thank you, A Dong Silk

We chose A Dong Silk as if knew 3 friend who had gone there and recommended this to us. We had previously had clothes made in Thailand so we knew what to expect from an overseas tailor. Of course everyone is very friendly, speaks good English and willing to help. However little things like suggesting the best material for the buyer was not made. They just went for top quality. In Thailand they had made suggestions which we were 100% happy with the product. Here my husband a cuddly man picked a shirt colour that stuck to his chest and showed his nipples through the material. They put a pocket in one side but that is all- they said to wear a singlet underneath which wasn’t what we wanted. In the end the shirt was made bigger with my hubby’s persistence and it looked better. They were suppose to deliver to our hotel and when it arrived it was nicely rapped in plastic and in a bag but we didn’t get a suite gas tax in washington state bag which would keep it better for our trip home. Which other tailors do… Make sure you negotiate as much as you can!! Overall we went here as we knew we would get a quality product and we did.

I bought a suit and five shirts from this tailor. The service was of course friendly, prices on the more expensive side, specially if you compare with Thailand. My suit was well made and has stood the test gas house edwards co of time. It could have been fuller (bigger) but I didn’t notice at the time. I think it helps to have a sample jacket with you. I had a sample pair of trousers and the two pairs I bought from A Dong fit perfectly. The shirts I bought were ‘80%’ cotton. Big mistake buying these. I have 100% cotton from Thailand and I always select those shirts over electricity dance moms choreography the ones I bought from A Dong. 100% is always so much better but living in a very dry climate (Mongolia) the shirts become filled with static electricity. I don’t know how they are in a humid climate but best not to buy anything less than 100%. You have to check the shirts carefully to make sure everything is aligned. They fixed one shirt and had to post on the other. They did present shirts that clearly had faults which doesn’t match the image of the shop. You should allow 3-4 days if you don’t to get into a panic about it being ready. You have to reserve time to get them to make the changes.