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Previously i been to Hanoi, Sapa and Halong bay (2013), i was not able to forget the good memory and heart warmed local people. Thus i was decided to visit Ho Chi Minh. I and my sister guide by friendly and heart power outage houston zip code warm tour guide Việt Lê Hoàng, Dang Duc , Trần Duy and Bi Đoàn for consecutive 2 days (10/12/16 and 11/12/16). It was wonderful and enjoyable food and city tour. I fancy lot of Vietnamese food especially french bread, spring rolls, rice paper, pork noodles, bánh bèo and etc. They made me feel like a home in Saigon. Especially the motorbike ride really big relief for me because it was my first time electricity bill average took motorbike in Saigon. Though their traffic was busy and they tolerate each other in a good way. Vietnamese culture and their history really touching electricity billy elliot lyrics for me. War museum really give me good remark that we shall appreciate the peace in the world and we shall sustain what we have today. I was suprisingly the developed of Saigon and they will going to have subway soon. Again, Vietnam was my preference to visit. I definately will visit other location such as Da nang, Huie etc. I will see you again Vietnam!!!

It’s a non-profit organization run by tourism students and they really take pride gas zone edenvale in their work! The booking process was quick and professional. There is an email confirmation process that inspires confidence. They met me and dropped me off at my hotel in District 1. I went on two tours: 1) city walking tour and 2) scooter food tour. My first guide on the walking tour was Hoang gas news australia. My second guide for the food tour was Bang. Both were incredibly knowledgeable, geuinuinely charming, fun to be around, and their English was fantastic. I agree with other reviewers that it felt like meeting a new friend in a new city. Not only do you learn about the city, the history, the culture, and year 6 electricity worksheets the architecture, but you also get to learn about each other’s personal lives. Their genuine interest in your life and country electricity videos for 4th grade makes this tour a reciprocal learning experience. I was travelling solo and this made it a very fun way to explore the city and learn about local culture. These are not group tours meaning if you’re travelling solo, you likely won’t meet other travellers. This isn’t like those large group walking tours where everyone electricity generation by source by state shows up at a place and travels in a group. It’s a one-on-one private tour. I really enjoyed this personal experience. It’s so much easier to engage in actual interesting conservations with the guides when they’re just dedicated to you. Also, since it’s private, if you already saw something, have no interest in something, or don’t want to eat something, the guides will just adjust accordingly. I liked how fluid the tour was. On the city static electricity definition science tour, my guide made sure I was safe crossing the road each time. As for the scooter ride, I always felt safe even though we were riding in light rain. They even emailed me because it was raining before the scooter tour to ask if I still felt comfortable doing it in the z gas tecate rain or if I wished to delay it. Their concern for your safety and comfort is so pro, especially given that this is a free tour (there was a small price for the scooter ride to compensate for the use of the student’s scooters which I assume is for gas and such). I think it’s also a nice gesture to pay for your guide’s food and electricity cost per month drink during the tour since they’re students. I highly recommend doing this tour on the first day of your visit to get your bearings. These students are doing an amazing job!