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I love this city! It’s beautiful, the weather is great and we are far off the beaten path so we are still a small town. That said we do have problems. I have seen police mark tires many times! I didnt know why they were doing it but now I understand why but I do not agree with it. I do not think we should have a guy at judge solely because he wants the court to be profitable. That is just wrong and we do have an image problem because of it. I know plenty of people who have been harrassed by cops who are good people. I do not think for an second that we have a good justice system here. We need to do something because it is hurting the city. Will a judge with a law degree be a person who will not put bad guys away? If a lawyer were to be the city judge would criminals not go to jail? I think we can improve the city’s image and improve our police by getting a judge who knows the law. The problem is obvious to me. Just get a new judge who has the qualifications that cannot be touched by being a lawyer. I cannot believe that nobody wants to be city judge who is not more qualified. Improve the town I love by getting the best people in place. That goes for mayor, council, city manager, CAVB president and any other city wide important position. I cannot understand why anyone would oppose that.

Trying to figure out how O’reallys chalk marking tires is Probable Cause for a DUI investigation/arrest? If there are 25 cars parked on main street late at night, time is spent(wasted) marking all the tires, come time for bars to close and only two of those vehicles were bar patrons who may/may not even be intoxicated (lying in wait at bars is illegal). Now pick and choose which one to follow home because ya still need a traffic violation for the stop(your PC). OK so how did those chalk marks time was wasted on give PC for a stop to get a DUI? And if you are just trying to see if a bar patron has moved there vehicle throughout the night well that Won’t work because the ARS for DUI state the driver has to be observed in immediate control of the vehicle. So O’really I ask again How are those chalk marks even relevant? and why would a cop waste his/her whole night doing it that way when the odds are better getting a good DUI with good PC while performing good traffic stops. And this "DUI Triangle"? Do you collect police DUI reports and plot line graphs with locations of DUI arrests and map them out into triangles as a hobby? Any whhooow Funny cause this article was about New Years LOL but there are always a few in here who can turn an article about spring flowers into police and fireman bashing

havasu resident. I get my facts from my friends who own or manage businesses in the area. They report that about 1500 maybe up to 1800 were there at the event. I hope it goes great but I agree it should be in the channel/EV next year. As for the police reform. It has happened in small degree but it is not the police departments fault really. It comes from a lack of oversight by the court due to a percieved and actual bias. It is also to be noted that this city court has been disiplined for this already. None of this can be disputed. It is fact. If some are upset that I repeated what another poster wrote about and yet another poster confirmed then too bad for them. Chalk marks are used by many police departments to mark tires when you have loading zones. It is not unheard of and it’s not illegal until it is used as a sole reason to stop someone they suspect of DUI. I do get my facts straight before I post. Notice the rats cannot stand the light when I expose the truth so they attack me. I will again state that I am here to inform the unknowingly ignorant, I cannot help the willfully ignorant.

Someone is doing some spinning here which one. Sam Scarmardo "Several of the City Council members were in attendance taking credit for an event they did not contribute one farthing to. The main street merchants footed the bill so I cannot understand the carping about the city having and expense here. They would not even waive the permit fees. We paid for the security,bands,favors,fencing,electricty,wristbands,clean-up tickets etc. You get the picture." Posted here Jan 1 at 8:33 a.m. Todays News-Herald Jan. 2 Brian Springberg Main Street Asso. Board Pres."2nd annual Uptown Count down on Dec 31st this year depends largely on if the City Council will be able to continue supporting the Association financially. He added that the organization is trying to raise to become financially independent. Sounds to me like tax $’s were used to pay for at least some of this party which benefitted a very few businesses. You folks need to get your stories straight before you start tooting your own horns. Get the picture.

I personally had a great time, and I know my husband did too! We had a couple of drinks each, watched the musical entertainment (we especially like that "Frank Sinatra guy" and band), and watched the "ball drop" and fireworks! I was really impressed with how many people turned up for the event, and very happy to see it too!Yes, I saw some people there who I really hope were not driving home, but all in all it appeared that everyone was being pretty responsible. People were far more rowdy who were inside of the bars that didn’t pay to take part of the Main Street party. I saw one ambulance leaving the back of BJ’s at around 1:30 am.The only complaint I have is how slow the line went outside of the entrance on Smoketree. To our fault we didn’t pre-plan and figure out where the entrances were, so we walked around for what seemed like ever before we got to the Smoketree entrance. Once we got there the line was pretty long because the people taking money were working a little slow and weren’t enforcing the seperate lines (one line if you had a ticket, one line if you were using cash). But after we got inside everything went great!I really hope they bring this back next year! I’d love for it to become a tradition!

Happy New Year all! The street party was a huge success, I would guess attendance at 3000 to 4000 paid partygoers. Several of the City Council members were in attendance taking credit for an event that they did not contribute a farthing to. The main street merchants footed the bill so I cannot understand the carping about the city having an expense here. They would not even waive the permit fees. We paid for the security, bands, favors, fencing, electricity, wristbands, clean up, tickets etc. You get the picture. The goal was to show that mainstreet is still an economic center of the city and still alive! I want to thank Dave Mansell for constructing the martini glass and contributing same, the cops and firemen that were working (and that we were billed for) they did a great job and the merchants who stayed open or who, like myself, worked the booth and my fellow Mainstreet board members who did the lions share of organizing this event and making it a success. It will be bigger next go-around. Sam Scarmardo