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Wow. What a tour! First I have to compliment my tour guides (Lupine Travel) for a very well organised, expert lead and truly amazing tour. They made sure we were well informed, explained the risk and regularly monitored radiation, showed us the beaten path and a couple of gems I’d not heard electricity outage san antonio of before! Words can’t be express how amazing this tour was and even looking back over done with electricity tattoo book my photos I still can’t believe I was there. Just some tips for if you want to book this tour: – If you’re in two minds about this, I would say just do it, you won’t be disappointed. – If you’re worried about radiation there’s essentially not much more exposure that a transatlantic flight. Our gas national average 2008 total exposure through the entire trip was around 3mSv. – Follow your tour guides advice, some areas are unsafe and shouldn’t be touched, and they will be able to advise of this, such as don’t climb the wheel in the amusement park. – Do not underestimate how full on the day is, 11-12 hours might not sound like a lot, but there’s so much going up electricity bill payment online on it really takes it out of you. – If you’re a smoker you might suffer with the rules in the exclusion zone Our day started with a dodgy taxi that initially struggled to find a route to the pick up point as police has closed some roads however we made it just in a nick of time. There was a minor issue with one of the passport details however our tour guide solved this before electricity prices over time arriving. We set off at 8:15 and briefly stopped off at a fuel station for snacks and toilets before proceeding to the exclusion zone check point. The journey took around 2 hours. Upon arrival we disembarked the bus for a passport check before being allowed to use toilets again and proceeding on to see an abandoned village. At this point our gas engine efficiency tour guide showed us an abandoned theatre, some friendly wild dogs and a few other structures. We then proceeded on seeing a few sights including the Chernobyl Town sign, last statue of Lenin and a few memorials. We then had lunch before proceeding into the 10km exclusion zone electricity and magnetism notes which involved another brief stop at an abandoned school and a measuring of the radiation levels. There’s some great photo opportunities in and outside and you get to see your first radiation warning sign. We then travelled on to see the reactors, with the new sarcophagus covering la gastronomia reactor 4 really a striking feature of the landscape. The tour guide provided a panoramic photo opportunity next to the incomplete reactors and the other in the background too. We the proceeded right up to Reactor 4 and the memorial at the foot of it for gas to liquid another photo op, before proceeding to the abandoned ghost town pripyat. Eerie isn’t the word. I can best summarise it as a memorising snapshot of Soviet Union frozen in 1986; a place that shouldn’t exist. I still can’t believe I’ve been there and seen it with my own eyes and it’s truly a spectacle to witness. Our tour guide parked up and began us on a walking tour covering the first electricity voltage in usa supermarket in Ukraine, the best hotels of 1986 soviet Ukraine, the party political posters, the amusement park (with the Ferris wheel), the abandoned football field, the abandoned swimming pool, and the abandoned school amongst other structures and sights. The city, once a crown jewel of the Soviet Union is now a forest of nature’s making, as she reclaims what man made. Our tour of the ghost town finished with a visit electricity usage calculator to the former river port to Kiev, complete with soviet vending machine and beautiful sights of what was once a busy river port transporting the citizens of Ukraine. Following this we moved onto a former top secret gas prices going up or down military installation called Duga-3. We arrived here for sunset which was absolutely beautiful! A great way to finish the trip. We concluded the trip by leaving each of the exclusion zones with a radiation check at each before returning to Kiev, it took around two hours.