A memorable autumn day _ the state journal

Saturday was shaping up to be a beautiful autumn day down in Goshen in Oldham County. Gas 93 octane A cold front must’ve moved through about 9 a.m., as the clouds parted and the sun started to warm everything it touched.

I hadn’t slept well the night before. Electricity flow direction Breakfast was some toast and jelly and tea, and a lazy morning ensued, after which someone put the big pot of chili back on the stove and we all had another bowl or three. Electricity billy elliot instrumental My nephew fired up the big-screen TV and the University of Louisville began wailing on N.C. Grade 6 electricity project State. Gas and sand I didn’t feel like getting sucked into an afternoon of college football, so I asked The Wife — who had curled up in a chair and was dozing in the next room — if I could step out and get some fresh air, and hopped into my little black Scion xB and pointed the nose northeastward.

This little re-branded Toyota has been a delightful thing to drive. Gas constant for helium It gets around 30 mpg, has manual transmission, XM radio, iPod interface, wonderfully peppy 2.2-liter Camry engine, room for four adults and a little luggage, and I’ve managed to keep sticky tires on it. 3 gases in the air It wants nothing more than to whip around a curve, scoot up a hill and leave heavier vehicles in the dust. Gas after eating pasta I try to keep it reined in, but…

I headed up Goshen Lane to U.S. Gas equations chemistry 42 (Brownsboro Road) and headed away from Louisville. Walmart with a gas station near me When the really tall radio tower (I think it belongs to WHAS) came into view, I started looking for Westport Road. Electricity trading strategies It looks a lot like others in the Bluegrass — two generous lanes that twist and curve with a creek on one side of the road and hillside on the other — downward toward the Ohio River. Q gastrobar dias ferreira Seven or eight sunny, leafy miles later I was in “downtown” Westport. Gas house gorillas Once a thriving port for river traffic and a ferry, there’s now an antique store, a restaurant and a few houses. Electricity kwh calculator However, other than the Mighty Ohio, there’s not much else there. Electricity trading hubs A quick right onto Second Street takes me to Covington Ridge Road and, after running alongside the river for a bit, I turn right and start heading back uphill.

The leaves on the trees are still mostly green, but an occasional sugar maple dotted the countryside with bright reds and yellows. La gas prices 2016 Walnuts are definitely starting to fall, and it took a few deft moves to keep from losing control of my car on the little buggers rolling around on the road. I electricity bill com Autumn in the Bluegrass really is a sight to behold.

Suddenly, a wild stop sign appears! What to do, what to do?? The GPS is no help, only offering up the words “Lower Patton Creek ahead.” My internal guidance system told me the river was to the left and U.S. Gas block install 42 was to the right. Electricity austin The left turn onto a smaller road called out to me, so I took it.

Just a little ways ahead, on the left, was a church building. Gas national average 2008 I looked around for a sign and saw none, just the posts remaining from where it once stood. Electricity voltage used in usa I set a placemark for it on my GPS, pulled out my phone and took a picture to post on a Facebook page called “Abandoned Kentucky.” Later research tells me it’s named “Wesley Chapel.” While stopped I also learned that the road dead-ended at the river after another mile or two, so I turned around and took the right turn at the stop sign, away from the river and back toward civilization.

By this time I really needed to find a restroom facility, as the numerous cups and glasses of tea had been filtering through my kidneys all these miles. Tropico 5 power plant I asked the GPS to find the nearest gas station — whew, just a couple miles away! — and headed toward Sligo.

As I came around a bend I recognized the Marathon station to which I’d been pointed as one that had caught my attention previously. La gasolina in english The place, named Country Collectibles on Google Maps, also included a country store and an upstairs restaurant called the Loft. Z gastroenterol It sits on an odd intersection of U.S. Gas gangrene 42 and 153 (Pendleton Road). C gastronomie mariage If you’ve ever driven that stretch of road, you’d probably recognize the building. Z gas el salvador empleos I approve it as a friendly place with clean bathrooms. Gas finder mn I did my business, bought a box of Tic-Tacs, made a mental note to return and hit the road.

I stayed on Pendleton Road just long enough to realize that time was getting away from me and that I was headed south, away from my eventual destination. Gas bubble in chest and back A nicely decorated, non-standard road sign invited me to turn right (now headed west) onto L’Esprit Parkway. Electricity 2014 It was a recently upgraded road, fairly straight and level with a wide sidewalk on both sides. 1 unit electricity cost in andhra pradesh It emptied onto Old Sligo Road (Highway 3223) and I again headed west, into the sun, the city and back to my family.

A few miles later I’m on 53, the main north-south road through LaGrange. Electricity images cartoon I frequently drive this road from my house to my sister’s house in Goshen, as it gets me away from the sometimes-crazed and always-in-a-hurry interstate drivers. Electricity cost calculator I know I’m just a little ways away from Fendley Mill Road, which (again) calls to me.

There’s an old quarry on this road, one that’s been repurposed as a darn nice swimmin’ and divin’ hole by the name of Falling Rock Park. 2015 electricity prices In addition to plain ol’ swimming, SCUBA classes are taught here as well, because of the excellent clarity of the water. Electricity multiple choice questions grade 9 They’ve intentionally sunk a school bus and other fun things for divers to explore. Electricity for beginners If I lived in the area I’d likely buy a membership and splash around above the water, not under, though I’ve never tried scuba.

On the other side of Falling Rock Park, Fendley Mill continues on into LaGrange, so I stop at Walmart and get two gallons of windshield washer solvent, as I’d been out for almost a week (Horror!). Gas stoichiometry problems Also, a side trip to the boys room, as the tea continues its inexorable journey through my system.

Back in the car, I hop over to Commerce Parkway then do the jig-and-a-jag onto 393 heading north, which I know meets up with Brownsboro Road not far from Goshen Lane and my family. Electricity physics khan academy One last little detour put me on Mayo Lane, a very pretty but narrow country road that drops nicely from U.S. Gas house eggs 42 altitude down to Rose Island Road at river level.

All told, I traveled 65 miles in just over two hours, and saw parts of this great state — er, commonwealth — that I’d never seen. Electricity projects for grade 7 Most of it was comfortably familiar, though, and again the autumn season shows her colors well on a cool, clear afternoon. Gas nozzle stuck in car I rejoined my family, hugged each and every one and promised to meet them again in a few days for my sister’s Celebration of Life service, then took the back roads home and typed up her obituary. World j gastrointestinal oncol impact factor Saturday, Oct. 3 gases in the atmosphere 22, will live in my memory for a long time. Electricity for refrigeration heating and air conditioning answer key Godspeed, Shari. V gashi kenga e zagrebit Give Mom a hug and I’ll see you on the Other Side.