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This was an amazing experience and the highlight electricity distribution costs of our trip in Chiang Mai. The staff were friendly and although some of them had limited English there was a mutual understanding. After experiencing a different sort of elephant riding trip in phuket, Thai elephant home is a lot more caring and less commercialised. Riding the elephants bare back is both privelage and an experience. With the itinerary my partner and I did, we did not expect to have had the opportunity to ride the elephants for as long as we did mp electricity bill pay indore. We enjoyed the mud bath and going down to the river with the elephants, and lunch was simple but delicious. Overall, the experience was amazing. We had a great time with the elephants, and k electric company duplicate bill saw the good intentions of the staff/ mahouts. After reading other reviews, I’d like to put my opinion out there for anyone who is looking to book an elephant gas monkey monster truck tour. With any kind of ‘elephant tour’ you do, there will be always be some aspect of ‘cruelty’ to an extent. You as a customer are contributing to the commercialism of the business, however it is a matter of finding a place that is more committed to the well-being of the elephants, rather than exploiting them, and I believe the Thai elephant home are genuine in caring for their elephants.

Hands down one of mine and my husband’s favorite attractions in Thailand gas zauberberg. Tied for number one along with a private hike through Doi Suthrowp National park with someone who grew up in the Karen gas unlimited sugar land tx Village. Anyway, there are so many elephant homes and I researched for hours and hours and hours My number one criteria was treatment of elephants. I did not go to the tiger kingdom for example because I believe they drug the tigers and I will not support that. Thai Elephant home allows the elephants to be as free as possible, conditions are VERY clean, and the mahouts HARDLY used the h gas l gas brennwert stick they bring with them for security purposes. I read horror stories about other’s experiences, seeing scars and markings on the elephants from abuse electricity laws in pakistan, and it’s one of the first things i looked for on the animals when I arrived. I would not be partaking in the activities if I had noticed anything of the sort. I didn’t see anything which caused alarm, and I have to say the day was FANTASTIC. Do not go to a camp which does circus shows-those animals electricity magnetism are not treated properly and are basically just used to make money. Same with the Elephant rides which take place in a basket. the elephants are overworked and they are just cash cows. The one day training gas 93 was an experience we will NEVER forget and there is a clear difference in treatment of the animals in the cash cows vs the farms that allow you to ride bareback (natural state and much less work load for gas vs electric oven cost the elephant). However, spending the entire day with the elephant is something we couldnt’ experience on just a ride. we got to bathe with our elephant! how cool is that!? You spend the entire day with one animal and electricity 24 hours by the end of the day you have bonded. Truely an incredible experience, worth the money, and worth the full day. We ended up leaving quite a generous tip and donation at the end of the experience because the staff deserved it. Really just an incredible experience.