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4th time camping in Ocala National Forest. We’ve been to Clearwater Lake once and Alexander Springs twice. Wanted electricity billy elliot karaoke to try Juniper Springs as we’d heard about the canoe run and we’re excited to try it. We were lucky in that they’d only recently re-opened the run after all the cleanup that needed to be done after Hurricane Irma damage. We camped in Sandpine Loop. Great site- plenty of area for our 2 room tent, screen room and 4 camp chairs around the fire pit. The site also had a grill setup for the fire pit and an additional grill. The ‘win’ was the Bear Proof Food Locker!! Easily fit my large cooler, food storage bins, cookware, personal care items!! (I prefer to see bears from the safety of my car) Restrooms-1 regular and 1 handicap accessible stalls each for men/women. The showers are in the back/ 1 large shower room for each with a high and a low head and plenty of hot water!! On the corner of the loop and RR/shower station is the locking dumpster for this loop. Used the trail next to the Tropical camp loop as a short cut to the Juniper Springs Pool and launch for the run. The Springs pool -WOW! Beautiful. Serene. Soul satisfying. And apparently historical 😉 (And being a Fort Lauderdale Atlantic Ocean gal- the springs were cold to me-so I admit that I had to slowly acclimate) We met Roger our first time at the pool- he let us know about the rules and during our conversation told us that during the cold days in winter, many people will come to the springs early in the morning to watch and take pictures of the steam coming off the water. We easily reserved 2 canoes gas weed strain by phone on Thursday afternoon to use for Friday morning, as my husband, 16 y.o. and 12 y.o. sons and myself would be canoeing. We arrived at the concession a little after 9am. We watched a video and got some very useful instruction on the run. We knew to take our re-useable water bottles. We also took some fruit but bought a snap top gas exchange in the lungs is facilitated by bin for our granola bars so we could take them out of the disposable wrappers. I respect that they don’t want the disposable items- definitely don’t want the litter!! Took our 2 canoes to the launch and I had a pleasant conversation with Matt at the launch while waiting for my men to return the carts and bring the oars and life vests. We left a little before 10. My husband and the 12 y.o. in one canoe and myself and the 16 y.o. (Who wanted to be in the back of the canoe/steering position ) in the other. Well, there was a bit of yelling and some colorful terse words in my canoe, and definitely some running into some trees/vines/bushes. But it was also a really great trip- beautiful, scenic, quiet, unspoiled, and litter free!!! We saw lots of turtles, fish and 2 alligators. The current moves your canoe so it’s not an extremely difficult activity but there are quite a few tree stumps, low hanging branches/vines and some narrow passes ( I mean ducking till your head is near your knees or getting slapped by a branch narrow) so steering is VERY important! We were informed gas leak explosion of the ‘rapids’ area and wishes it was a longer ride. We finished the run at 2 pm and true to their word, the pickup van arrived a few minutes before 2:30 for transport back to JSRA. The pool concession area has larger restroom/shower/changing areas and a small store with parking in front. We had a truly memorable experience and we all highly recommend both the camping and canoe run!

We had campsite 43, it was very nice and more secluded than the other sites. There are alot of mosquitos.There is no electricity or water at the camp site. It has a bear proof container for food. The bathrooms were a short walk away, with one shower each for men and women with hotwater. The camp sites are a long walk from the springs but there is parking near the springs. There is a nice pavillion however all the grills are away from the pavillion. It is a fairly remote location so come prepared because the items at the store are expensive or it a 30 minute drive to a town. There is no alcohol at the springs or canoe run but allowed in the campround. The gasbuddy near me canoe run is an intermediate level if not harder, it will take at a minimum 4-5 hours, it is very narrow with lots of sharp turns. It rained the two nights before we came so the water was higher than normal but still there were a couple of times we had to get out to get over the fallen trees. Chose wisely where to get out as you can sink in very far and maybe lose p gaskell a sandal. Communication and patience is key. We had 2 in a canoe and 2 with single kayaks. The trees and vines grow over the run so there is a lot of bending over to avoid hitting your head. We brought a cooler filled with drinks and snacks in the canoe, everything must be in reuseable containers, no plastic water bottles so come prepared. Bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. You have to take a canoe safety class. If you are later than 4:30pm arriving at the pick up point, you are charged so plan accordingly i.e. start earlier or paddle faster. We saw turtles, otters, butterfiles and someone else claimed to see an alligator. We were arriving late and got delayed more due to the torrential rain storm, however Security Guard Keith was very accomodating. Bring lots of ice as it melts quickly. We had a good time, just come with the right expectations.