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The Lord of the Rings. Monstress. The first Dresden Files book. in middle school we took part in an experimental reading program where we were supposed to read books from a predetermined selection and then take a comprehension quiz on that book online. Each book had a point value and what percentage of that value you got was determined by your score on the quiz. You had a minimum points quota and got bonuses based on your value at the end of the experiment. Naturally, I gamed the system by reading the single highest point value book in the library: The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan, which I powered through and got the maximum score on despite hating it so much that I’ve basically lost the ability to enjoy fantasy novels that weren’t written by Terry Pratchett (and even then only if Rincewind’s not in them).

I dance constantly. I dance at home, I dance at work. I dance at bus stops and crosswalks. I dance while I walk and I dance while I cook. I have a pair of Sennheisers forever soldered to my head and a constant stream of hard-bass electronic disco pop nonsense. I can’t not dance… except when I am required to dance with other people.

A nightmare about a giant dinosaur-esque creature destroying a city, like Godzilla but before I could have possibly known about Godzilla. It spoke in a booming voice and the city around me was crumbling to ash and being consumed by lava. It scared the hell out of me.

Probably Ishi: Last of His Tribe. Which is kinda funny because if I read it today, I probably would adore it. But my 3rd grade teacher thought it would be a good thing for us to read as a class, and it was a boring book for a 3rd grader to be reading. And I blame this singular book for killing my desire to read for over a decade. Which was very unfortunate because I loved reading prior. Ishi was the moment where my hobby became work and stopped being fun.

Sudoku. Hands down. Sudokus aren’t hard. They just require a little pattern recognition. They’re basically just logic puzzles. And you approach each one in the exact same way. I find them very therapeutic. I used to do them every day on the bus to school back in university.

Yes. I love to dance. Unfortunately, I’m a very tall and lanky person who is very uncoordinated so I look really dumb while doing it. Which makes me self-conscious, so then I start looking even more dumb. It helps to have alcohol in my system to loosen up my inhibitions, but me and alcohol don’t go together. I will frequently dance by myself when I’m at home tho.

Favorite GL of Sector 2814? Probably Hal Jordan, as vanilla as that answer is. I really adored the Geoff Johns run on GL. Outside of those? Honorable mentions to N52 Earth 2 Alan Scott (great character; wasted potential), Kilowog, Sinestro, Mogo, Bzzd, Ch’p, Soranik Natu, Sodom Yat.

Depends on the emergency. Home invasion – out the nearest window and booking it down the street or over the fence asap. Earthquake – underneath a door-frame in back half of the house. Nuclear war – ride due East into the foothills ASAP. Flood – rooftop if I can’t get out in time; due East into the foothills if I do. Rampaging Wildfire – West/North towards the river delta, or just the opposite direction. Emotional trauma? Curled up into a little ball underneath my bed sheets.

Hmmmm… 8 years ago at this point. It was a moving out party for my roommates and I. It was an utter shitshow. Left the place trashed just two days before we were supposed to move out, making an already herculean task of cleaning the apartment that much more daunting. I was at Kratos levels of seething, dull rage by the end.

3. I’m surprised you even noticed it. It’s so small! Like they said in catechism class, "Your body is a temple university athletic program, don’t do anything exciting with it". (That may not be an exact quote, sorry, it’s been quite a while.) Anyway I was like 8 and riding on my bike around the neighborhood while my dad was pulling into the street from work and I decided to race him. Not surprisingly, I was going a little too fast to control safely and as I pulled in couldn’t turn in close enough and wound up scraping my finger against the stuccoed divider between the garage doors as I tried to brake desperately.

4. I thought that movie was good god dammit, or at least better than the reputation it gets. I can’t believe after we got Man of Steel that Warner stayed the course with Batman vs. Superman considering how badly they reacted to the reviews of that one. It might have been goofy but GL had more going on than that whole "Randian figures stare off into the middle distance a bunch" schtick.