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KOCHI: Kanjirathinkal K H Kunjumon, a gemologist, astrologer, herbalist is always on the lookout for an opportunity to serve the marginalised and the downtrodden in the society.Though he exceeds in all of the above, his prime concern is to leave no stone unturned to help those in need. Being the president of Kerala Urban Development Council, Kunjumon along with his colleagues organise Ayurveda medical camps every three months. In 2017, they had distributed 2,500 Ayurveda medical kits free of charge. The work is progressing this year too. The council has initiated an ‘Oushadha Bank’ to collect and distribute different medicines for those coming with a genuine prescription.

This is done at the Vattekunnam Rotary Club premises. Kunjumon and other volunteers are also into the educational upliftment of the society by honouring toppers in school and college.Hailing from a traditional Muslim family in Vattekunnam, Edappally, Kunjumon inherited the traditional medicinal practices from his ancestors. He got interested in the science of gems and acquired deep knowledge in this field.

According to him, the planets influence different aspects of life and as luminous bodies also radiate specific cosmic colours. The ancient belief is, the colours radiated by the nine planets are identical to the cosmic colours of different gemstones. A person’s positive energy can be developed by wearing his or her suitable gem. The positive energy of his mind can also be enlightened by this.

Through the mind, Brahma manifests himself as the differentiated universe with heterogeneous objects. Brahma gathered the Purusha (Hiranyagarbha) from out of the water and fashioned him. By the heat of his meditation, his heart burst out. From this, the mind came. And from the mind, the moon, which is the presiding deity of the mind.

Kunjumon, who is an admirer of Sufi school of thought, believes astrology is an essential science and there is no harm for a Muslim to acquire it. He is against the misconceptions in the science and says it is not the worship of stars. His gurus in astrology include famous names such as late Hakim P B K Moulavi, late Mysore Ranganatha Swamikal, Coimbatore Chandra Kumara Swamikal and Maha Deva Iyer of Sawarni Jyothisha Vidyalaya.

“Dreams give us ample opportunities to learn and think more so as world events dreams are the mode of reactions to our unfulfilled desires, wants and ambitions,” Kunjumon says. “We visualise the fulfilment of our desires through dreams. Our mind can be said to have three entities, the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious. Right from our infancy, there can be a number of good and bad design, a majority of which might be fulfilled or a majority not.

This rare combinations of expertise in diversified fields helps Kunjumon council people to get out of life’s predicaments and make their lives easier. His Jyothirmaya Astro Gem Consulting Centre in Kalamassery is a haven for people suffering from all sorts of trouble and ailments including depression.

Kunjumon’s social activities are not confined to the state alone. As the chairman of Global Confederation of Pravasi Malayalees, he is passionately involved in the problems of NRIs and has brought many grievances to the attention of authorities. He is also the chairman of Mappila Kala Bhavan and active in the arena of music arts and conducts musical concerts frequently.