A real love story of elena (ukraine) and derek (scotland) the quebec telegram electricity outage sacramento


— After two marriages and civil relations were the attempts to find a local man in the Ukrainian Dating site, but a more terrible experience I have not experienced in life. Not on your Nelly not want to say that in Ukraine there is no decent and good man, just a I do not was found, because all the good men my age are already “dismantled”… (laughs — approx. edition) I decided to register on the international website, the British continued to teach and was able to somehow communicate. After a chat with foreign men, just feel respectful to me. I especially liked the English-speaking men from America, Canada, Australia and England… even the British from South Africa. I spent two and a half years with an Englishman who lived in the Netherlands… we were going to get married, but he suddenly contracted pneumonia and died. After mourning, I decided for myself to continue to look for the man with the English mentality, because I felt that he was closest to me. After all, how does a woman know what a real gentleman, other men are no longer interesting. What are the main advantages and disadvantages for foreign men ?

— I believe that the main advantage of foreign men (the British) because they can not judge others, a respect for women. You feel like a woman, a lady and simply Princess next to that man. They also, mostly, responsible and honest (of course I don’t mean sex tourists). How long were you chatting online before the first meeting with the current husband?

— Since our first communication on site (correspondence), we have a week switched to a discussion in a private mail, after several emails exchanged phone numbers and started talking on WhatsApp. Less than a month from our first communication, as Derek said he wanted to meet me. I wanted that too and he asked me to wait for him — no one promised dates before meeting him… I promised and honestly stopped communicating with other men. Since our first letter was opened for communication, honestly and sincerely answered all the questions… just how heart felt met the right man for me. Immediately realized that we have a lot in common, even life values and worldview.

— Before our first meeting I certainly was nervous, as any woman, but at the same time, I felt that he liked me… I was sure that we will like each other because nothing about himself secret, and Derek became very close after the daily communication via telephone and letters that continued to write to each other.

— Of course, the differences between different cultures and habits are. But if you love a person sincerely and accept each other, the boundaries are erased. Generally it is more dependent on the willingness to assimilate into another culture, if not, then it will be difficult to move and feel happy. Think about it, before you register.

Approximately six months after our first communication on a website and three meetings (in Germany, in Ukraine and my first visit to England), we decided that we wanted to be together. And as adults decided not to play games and not waste time and just get married. But after learning the details about what visa visitor we can’t get married in England, decided to get married in Ukraine before the end of the visa, which was given for six months. Thanks Dolce Vita for assistance in the organization of weddings in Kiev.