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Digital StillCamera added 8.55pm 13.1C dry sunday 2016 i went to chinatown as i have booked to join a dim sum workshop in the community centre there. i thought we were going to be taught how to make siu mai , har kow, chee cheong fun gas 76 station, but today it was how to make egg tarts. it was well attended with the others who must be regulars as they were all equipped with the equipment for it. and the chef was talking in cantonese which i dont know. haha;. so i just said to him zyklon b gas canister for sale i shall watch. secretly i did not really want to make them, just eat them, haha. and also i had wanted to make the har kow, etc. after his instructions, they all set to making it and i just found a settee to sit down. they were all standing at the table to make gasket t 1995 it. well i decided i dont want to wait for the tarts to get cooked, and left. it was rather a nice look in to what the old folks are doing. it was a so called silver sunday… so i assume it was set up for the over 50s. though there were some younger women at the table. on other tables there were lessons in making a fish out of old red chinese new year packets (ang pow). and another table how to write chinese script on red paper. i popped into wd gaster website the grocery shops in chinatown and saw pure sesame oil 150ml , (the same brand, astor, that i bought before),being sold for 99p instead of the usual £1.99. when i bought them they were £1.70. just gas density and molar mass because the labels were stained. not from the contents because they all had sealed bottle caps. so i bought 3. it should last me some time. i was running out too, so it was a lucky happenstance. now everything i cook will have a dash or three,or five of sesame oil added to it. haha. i got an email from talk talk, saying they are increasing our free mobile sim plan. from 100 free talk to 200mins, unlimited text and 500MB of data a month. i enquired the chat help line on their website and found out my contract where i get it free 7 gas station expires on 7.1.17. and it would cost £5 a month after that if i want to continue. i am thinking of not continueing. so must remember to give 1 month notice on 6.12.16. but someone i got in contact with in the older person gay website told me i should get a smartphone as it is so much better. its electricity balloon experiment a pity i dont have anyone with a spare smartphone to lend me to use just to see if i like it. he got a spare but he said it is very old and unreliable, and he does not want to lend it to me or i will get the wrong impression with power outage houston reliant it. he has a point i suppose. though it surprised me that smartphones have such different performances. he mentioned he could get grindr, skype and whatsapp. well if that is all , i doubt whether i will be impressed. i am not a big fan of them. i suppose he could say instagram, twitter, facebook… all those social media, but i dont like any of them. so what else?? come on, there must be more than that to make all those smartphone users so obsessed with gas definition state of matter it.what can it do that my chrome book cannot, even assuming it is something that appeals to me in the first place. i think not. people may get the feeling they are missing out if they dont get smartphones. after all they keep hearing their friends j gastroenterol hepatol impact factor on it and shouting its praises. but i dare say a lot of it is hype. i see some people using it to find when the next bus is coming. well i suppose that is useful to know, but then, you have to take that bus anyway, so what is the use of knowing when it comes? if there is an alternative bus to take that might be useful … but it really does not save u much time, esp in london grade 9 electricity review where buses are so frequent. added. i have noticed that they are replacing some of the bus shelters with new ones that are longer. so preparing for the cold weather to come i suppose. but they have removed the side glass partition, that provides some wind break. is that an improvement i wonder. ? i would have thought it quite important that wind break. perhaps it is early days, and the side glass partition is on the way and will be installed. or perhaps it is only the bus stop opposite 3 gas laws the victoria coach station. that stop must be a busy one.