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For the past two weeks, it’s done nothing but rain, and while that type of weather may suit some, it’s proven particularly bothersome for folk in the Sembian port city of Yhaunn because it has delayed the spring runs of many ships who quarter here over the winter. Ain’t nothing like a bout of ill-favored and ill-timed rain to make sailors grumpy and happy-go-lucky city folk downright cantankerous. But…even in the rain, news travels fast, and the word on the street is High Priestess Jhyndara of The Ladysluck Tower, temple complex of Tymora, has foreseen the spring rains will cease today. Even now, as you head for an early dinner meeting, there is nothing but a slight drizzle and there are even spots of blue in the sky overhead!

The past few years have been a whirlwind for you and your companions. From the time you were kids, you’ve found yourselves neck-deep in adventure…from chasing feral cats through the streets, to running from angry sailors when you "accidentally" set fire to the sails on their ship, and from digging for gold along the edges of the quarry, to sneaking rum from a wedding party and getting dog-drunk while fishing for mermaids (and puking until you thought you were going to die). And that was just some of your adventures as friends before you left town to fight pirates on the sea, slay dragons, and save the Dalelands from the next Orc invasion…most of which haven’t happened yet, but you are confident they will eventually.

Winter in Yhaunn has been pleasantly boring and that was just what the doctor ordered after spending the year adventuring through much of the Eastern Heartlands. Ragged and bone-tired, you arrived just a few days before the winds of winter swept down from the Great Glacier north of Vaasa and Damara to join forces with freezing rains coming off the Sea of Fallen Stars. The folk of Yhaunn welcomed you back from your adventures, the town wrapping you in its warm embrace…while trying to relieve you of your hard-earned coin in the process. electricity for dummies pdf Truth is, you always return to Sembia and to Yhaunn. Why? Because it’s home. All of you grew up in and around this region, and by the luck of Tymora you crossed paths and have been together ever since.

So, with the spring storms finally ebbing, you are getting the "itch" to hit the road again…or perhaps catch a ship to a new land. Having left your rooms at the Last Sunset House, you trudge through the muddy streets, but you are far from alone. Hundreds of Yhauntans are out and about, eager to be about their business or perhaps just to take in the sweet sunshine. Knowing this to be the perfect time for pick pockets to ply their trade, you keep one hand on your purse and the other on the hilt or handle of your favorite weapon.

For many years, Marla Wyverhold has been very gracious to you all, and knowing you are about to leave town, and that it may be months before she sees you again, she has invited you to her home for a sort of farewell dinner. Aunt Marla is a widow. Her husband, a merchant captain, died several years ago. electricity voltage in germany Captain Slorus Wyverhold had built up a tidy sum for his retirement, and Marla used it to open a dress shop featuring the latest styles of the south and east. Her shop, named simply, Wyverhold’s Fine Clothes, is near the section of town known as The Stiltways > a bustling market street near the docks where tiny shops are crowded onto all four floors of the buildings, reached by a ramshackle, groaning, and ever-changing maze of bridges, ladders, stairs, ramps, chutes, and rope-swings. Aunt Marla lives in a modest apartment above her shop, and when you arrive she greets you and gives out smiles and hugs to all.

Fawning over each of you, she brings you inside where the air smells of food and freshly baked bread. With bellies grumbling and mouths watering, you take a seat at a table large enough for every guest. Fine wine is poured and a sumptuous meal is laid out and you eat heartily, laughing and talking among yourselves and with Aunt Marla. After the servants have cleared the last of the dishes away, and refilled your glasses, Aunt Marla clears her throat and says:

"A while back I looked through Slorus’s sea chest in the hope of finding something I may have overlooked when he died, and I found this in a concealed compartment in the lid of the chest. electricity font It is a book written in a strange tongue, that may be worth enough money to get us out of debt. I would try to sell it myself, but word has already spread through town about my predicament and I fear that no one will offer me a fair price. I ask that you try to sell it for me. If you can bring in enough to get me out of this terrible debt, I would gladly reward you with a small commission."

"I would suggest that we do not separate," Echo says, even though Holen is halfway to the door, having made up her mind to do some shopping before the group tries to sell the book. "We go as one to each of the three. I have ways of determining if they speak truth and what their desires in this matter are," he chuckles as he taps the forefinger of his left hand on the temple of the left side of his pale face. The tiefling then goes through a mental list of the three aloud:

Musing over the possibilities, Holen suggests, "Why not start with the librarian? She’s probably got more resources available to her for comparisons and researching the symbols. And, let likely to tell a lie in the public domain, don’t you think? Then, if she fails to be productive then we can try the other two but Samanatha, as a library curator, may be more approachable. And less likely to plot again anything we plan using the tome. Let’s go speak to her? What does everyone say?"

“No, Marla,” Vin Rukford said, now looking at Marla after having been momentarily lost in his thoughts. "I think Rustin will turn up tomorrow evening at the latest, little the worse for wear.” Rukford hoped this was true for her sake. Although, Rustin might turn up with a bruise or cut he may have to explain. “If Sens. . . if Culhane is indeed a smart man, which I’m betting on, he will know that keeping you a little worried is good for him. It motivates you to get his funds. But there’s a fine line to it. If you are too worried, it’s bad for him. You will be distracted and won’t be able to raise the money he wants.”

Vin Rukford catches up with Holen on her way out and says in a whisper, too low for Aunt Marla to hear, "A librarian won’t have the gold to pay for such an item, even in Sembia, unless she has private backers with really deep pockets supporting her collection. You’re right in that it’s probably the best place to find something out about the book. It’s a decent notion and as good a start as any."

You are invited to dinner with Aunt Marla > Echo is her nephew > at which she reveals she is in a dire predicament. Her wastrel son, Rustin, has gambled away a fortune and put her business up for collateral. She owes the Sensular, the Earl of Culhane, 50,000 gp, due within a month or she will lose the store. on q gas station okc She has an old tome > a rutter > that might be worth a fair bit of coin. She wants you to try and sell it for her, and you’ve agreed to help her out.

re: Hurricane Florence > I greatly appreciate all the prayers and well wishes sent our way over the past week. We are truly blessed in that we never lost power and have plenty of food and water. We have been cleaning up for the past three days and I’m exhausted; I think I overdid it yesterday; haven’t done much today and don’t plan on much tomorrow. The Cape Fear River is supposed to crest early in the morning (around 1:00 am) and that will bring even more flooding into our county and downtown where Katrina (my wife) works. School is out indefinitely because there was significant damage to 16 schools in the county. gas blower will not start Several are being used as shelters and there is no end to that as of yet. Supplies are making it to Wilmington by boat, air, and on some backroads that are yet not flooded (these are very few and far between). We have a long rebuilding process for our county (as in years) and I expect many newcomers will move out. But, like I said, we are very blessed.

Inside an open building with no name, a dwarven weaponsmith is hammering on a steel bar. Between blows, he can be heard grumping to himself, and he doesn’t even look up when the trio of companions enter the forge area. A door stands slightly ajar, leading into the adjacent shop where another dwarven craftsmen, this one rather large, is feverishly entwined in the stringing of a taut long bow. His eyes shift upward at the ringing of a bell as Holen, Echo, and Dorian enter the shop.

Holen was expecting a considerably lesser amount, and was in fact, already reaching for the small sack of gold on her belt. Dorian whistles at the hefty sum and Echo chuckles. The dwarf eyes them both. "Magic weapons ain’t cheap these days. Ask my uncle. A lot of time goes into crafting the weapon to hold the magic. Some just shatter when the enchantment is cast. We got one in a couple of weeks ago. Feller traded it on a sword he was wanting. Had it checked out and is in fact enchanted. electricity and circuits class 6 pdf Not sure how that helps you shoot it, but, what do I know! I just sell ’em."