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If you are an outdoors and active person, one attraction you can’t afford to miss is the Van Gogh Bicycle Path. For me personally, this is the most amazing bike path I have ever experienced. What’s so amazing about it? In short, it glows in the dark! If that reason alone is not enough for you to want to visit, I don’t know what is! Here is some information that I hope will assist you in planning logistics for your trip to visit the bike path. There is a video at the bottom of the page. Background On Van Gogh Bike Cycle Path:

The Van Gogh Bicycle Path was created with purpose. gas stations in texas Artist Daan Roosegaarde was inspired by Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” painting. Roosegaarde stated, “I wanted to create a place that people will experience in a special way, the technical combined with experience, that’s what techno-poetry means to me,” And the path is exactly that. It is illuminated by small stones that glow in the dark, powered by solar powered LED lights. The Van Gogh Bicycle Path is just a small portion of the much larger Van Gogh Cycle Route in North Brabant, which is Van Gogh’s homeland. The entire route is 335 km long and divided into five individual round trips that can be cycled in a day. These routes connect several Van Gogh heritage locations in North Brabant.

For those of you who plan to visit the bike path, let’s start with its ultimate location. The Van Gogh Bicycle Path is located in the Southern part of the Netherlands. Specifically, it’s near Eindhoven. I’m sure there are many ways to get to Eindhoven, but I found the simplest way is to take the train from Amsterdam to Eindhoven. If memory serves me, it’s about an 1 ½ train ride from Amsterdam to Eindhoven. electricity quiz and answers There is also an airport there as well, but I found the train to be an excellent option. The city of Eindhoven is not a terribly large city. gas tracker The transportation system there is sufficient to take you where ever you need to go. Personally, I like the bike option. It’s easy to ride a bike around the city and pretty hard to get lost.

For seeing the bike path itself, you have options. From my perspective, there are only two. Option 1: Booking an organized tour. Option 2: Do it yourself. For me personally, I never found the organized tour option a viable one, because although it takes away the hassle of getting to the attraction, tours never seem to allow for enough time to really enjoy the attraction. I never booked an organized tour to go to the Van Gogh Bicycle Path so I don’t have a lot of information on that option, but I will share the limited information I found on the internet with you. I suspect if you are on this site, you’re like me and prefer to organize your own tour. This article will be mainly focus on the logistics of “doing it yourself” to get out to the Van Gogh Bicycle Path. Option 1: Organized Tour To Visit Van Gogh Bike Path:

As I mentioned before, I don’t have a lot of information on this. I did check the internet and found one company, although I’m sure there are others, that offer a tour. gas 66 The company actually offers a tour of the entire Van Gogh Cycle Circuit which will take you a few days to complete. 5 gases in the atmosphere I’m not certain if the offer just a tour of the Van Gogh Bicycle Path portion of the bike path, but you can certainly call them up and ask. Click on the link below for more information:

If you have never been to the Netherlands, it may seem intimidating planning a trip to the Van Gogh Bicycle Path, but I assure you that it’s easier than you would think. Assuming you are traveling from Amsterdam, the first thing you need to do is catch a train from Amsterdam to Eindhoven. This is super easy. When you get to Amsterdam Central, simply check with information, they will guide you to the correct desk for purchasing your train ticket. The train ride is a quick enjoyable ride. There is plenty of countryside for you to look at on the way to Eindhoven.

The next thing you will need is to get a bike. Again you have a couple of options. One is you can rent a bike at Eindhoven Central Station. The second option, which I think is preferable, is to rent a bike from your hotel. I’ve stayed in Eindhoven twice, and I haven’t been in a hotel that didn’t have a bike for rent. gas used in ww1 They usually go for about 15 Euros a day, but prices will vary. If you are an American, the bikes will be substantially different than what you are accustomed to, but I’ve rented bikes there twice and both times the bikes rode nicely.

Be sure to grab a map before you take off or for those of you with a phone that works internationally, Google Maps worked great for me here. I didn’t have international service while in Eindhoven, so I used Google Maps while connected to wifi and planned my route out, while referencing the map the hotel gave me. Getting to the bike path is really quite simple, although it may not seem like it when you are not familiar with a place. Directions To The Van Gogh Bike Path:

In an attempt to simplify the process, this is essentially the route I found easiest for getting to the Van Gogh Bicycle Path. First, head to Eindhoven Central Train Station. gas oil ratio units That will be an easy task. Anyone from Eindhoven can tell you how to get there. The streets seem to run pretty much Norh-South-East-and West so that part should not be difficult. Once you get to Eindhoven Station, you will follow the bike path that skirts the following roads. East on Professor Doctor Dorgelolaan road to Eisenhowerlaan/A270 to Van Gogh-Roosegaarde fietspad.