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The Halloween Blood Prison show is a fraudulent ripoff, for this reason, most people never see the show because they walk away after waiting in line for hours and not getting in. Here’s what happens, small groups of 3 to 5 people at a time are admitted to the show at probably about 15 minute intervals. Even if you show up early, you will wait in line for hours. We waited for two hours before giving up, and that made us lightweights. It wasn’t till almost two hours that one of us went to the front of the line to inquire from others about electricity facts ks2 the waiting time and we found out the procedure they were using. There were at least 120 electricity in homes people still ahead of us, outside in the cold before the entrance door, which would’ve been at least 3 or 4 more hours waiting time, and then people were saying that inside the doors was another couple of hours. Of course it’s beyond disappointing because buying the tickets requires checking disclaimers saying that basically you will not get your money back for any reason whatsoever, no way no how. DO NOT BUY TICKETS FOR THIS SHOW! The only recourse for those of us who’ve been defrauded is to try and spread the electricity experiments for preschoolers word. The show might be great, but most people will never know and the organizers will not change their behavior until people stop buying tickets. Hopefully the organizers have a conscience and they will feel some remorse about defrauding hundreds (or thousands) of people by selling them tickets to a show that they have no possibility of getting in to see because they reach their limit waiting in line in the freezing cold.

There’s a lot that this haunted venue did right, much that they really missed on. But the thing that stands out the most is the safety factor. There isn’t one! This is an OLD reformatory and is simply pretty dangerous. There static electricity sound effect were several steep stairways that were dimly lit and one room stepped down two steps immediately after a curtain that separated the two rooms. Had I not jumped over the lower step, I’d have fallen pretty easily and broken god knows what. Second, this is an amazingly decorated and lighted walk through an old, scary in the daylight, reformatory. That by itself makes it worth visiting. And the actors really work hard at what they do and do a great job overall. There were some long corridors where nothing much was happening so kind of a waste when they could have lined them with more ghouls. But the one thing that really stood out was that one guy overacted to a dangerous degree. He was working in a padded corridor and when he saw me, he grabbed me by the arms and electricity bill calculator literally threw me into one of the padded walls. I thought that was a little over the top and then he did it again!! I couldn’t believe it quite honestly and wanted to be a sport so I played along. It was jarring to say the least as it was a full toss into the padded (hard pads) wall. After the second time, I thought he was going for a third but I said, ok dude, it’s cool and he stopped. WAY WAY WAY over the top. And while we chose the touch option, it was not the beat on option, which I pretty much was. General recommendation? Don’t do the touch option, don’t do this if you’re at all claustrophobic, but do check it out if you want to experience a haunted house that’s way beyond gas company any I’ve been to (sans the physical abuse), and I’ve been to a lot over the years.