A ‘superfly’ preview of the chiefs’ 2016 season, with appearances by ‘shaft’ and ‘the mack’ _ the kansas city star gastroenterology

This iconic quote from Eddie to Youngblood Priest goes to Mike DeVito and Husain Abdullah, two productive Chiefs in their early 30s who retired earlier this year. Z gas cd juarez telefono DeVito even did so a month after stating his desire to keep playing. Here’s another timeless quote from Eddie, and this one goes to Eric Berry, who has been one of the league’s best safeties for six years and doesn’t have a long-term deal to show for it. Thus, he’s skipped training camp, the defense has gotten gashed on the run, and coaches and fans are hoping Berry returns before Game 1 (he should) and is as good as he would’ve been with camp-time under his belt (that’s debatable, at least early on). It’s the Chiefs’ right to not pay Berry a long-term deal, but fans shouldn’t begrudge a player for doing all he can to protect himself/get his money in this dangerous sport. This timeless walkoff quote from Youngblood at the end of “Superfly” is for Justin Houston, directed to the Chiefs. Electricity vs gas heating costs The edge rush is the Chiefs’ biggest question mark going into a season in which they want to make the Super Bowl.

But after handing Houston a $101 million contract last offseason, they better be extra, extra, extra careful when it comes to bringing this 27-year-old back too soon. Gas 10 ethanol He’s too good to risk, either in the short term or long term. This “Shaft” line goes to former Chiefs cornerback Sean Smith, who created a huge void opposite Peters by bolting in free agency for Oakland, which handed him a four-year, $40 million deal.

Gas hydrates energy It might have been the right move for Smith, 29 — big corners typically don’t get better with age — but he will be missed this year. 8. Nyc electricity consumption “Oh, come on, John.

Find a gas station close to me Can’t you see that we can’t get rid of one without getting rid of the other? We gotta come down on both of them at the same time in order for this whole thing to work for the people.” This seminal line from Olinga to Goldie in “The Mack” goes to the Chiefs’ coaching staff, which will need to get all three phases of the game operating at peak efficiency to achieve their Super Bowl dreams. Gas what i smoke The offense and special teams should be on point, but the defense — which has been leaky against the run and might feature an iffy edge-rush and young secondary — has much to prove without Houston.

This Pretty Tony line — and yes, Pretty Tony is definitely the Robert Horry of “The Mack” — goes to the Chiefs’ collection of alpha dog leaders who have been charged with maintaining a team-first culture for the last several months without Berry. Gas in back trapped The Chiefs took some character risks in this year’s draft, but all indications are that the kids have stayed in line.

Gas x strips ingredients Between Alex Smith, Jeremy Maclin, Tamba Hali, Justin Houston, Derrick Johnson, Dontari Poe and even Dustin Colquitt, the Chiefs have enough strong voices in the room to make it work without Berry, though his absence has been felt.* *Bonus: Two young players with the potential to develop into leaders, provided they keep maturing, are Travis Kelce and Marcus Peters. Ag gaston funeral home birmingham al Both have the personality and game to be strong voices in the future as long they don’t get off track. This line from Goldie to Pretty Tony goes to the Broncos, who remain the Chiefs’ biggest rival after some nasty, competitive games the last three years.

The fact the Broncos, who basically behaved like pirates in their Week 2 win over the Chiefs at Arrowhead, would accuse the Chiefs of dirty play after a 29-13 loss eight weeks later is the highest of high comedy. And after the Broncos gloated over the Chiefs following their playoff win against the Patriots, as a lover of edgy football I’m looking forward to seeing more games between these two. Actually, all this writing is making me look forward to regular-season football. R gasquet tennis And if you made it all the way through this column, I know you can absolutely dig that, sucka. Site: http://www.kansascity.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/red-zone/article98319622.html