A surprising natural food allergy remedy – activated charcoal e85 gas stations in ohio


{In our efforts to reduce toxins in our lives, I try to use natural personal care products, natural home products, and natural remedies instead of medications as much as possible. We use essential oils, saline spray, and other alternative methods of healing like these natural allergy remedies. Please welcome Erin Ter Beest from Natural Wonderer with a fascinating post about a Natural Remedy for Food Allergies that might surprise you. }

One lesser known use for activated charcoal, which I recently discovered, is helping to deal with reactions from food allergies. The AC binds offending proteins in food that the body can’t break down, such as gluten, dairy, egg, peanut, soy, and other allergens. When the protein is bound to the activated charcoal, it is whisked out of the digestive tract rather than remaining in the body and causing discomfort, therefore reducing or alleviating food allergy symptoms.

This treatment works best in people who have primarily digestive symptoms when reacting to a food allergen (i.e. upset stomach, bloating, gas, diarrhea, etc.), and it should not be relied on as a remedy in individuals who have anaphylactic allergies (although some research shows that using activated charcoal in addition to epinephrine immediately upon ingestion of an allergen could help lessen the severity of anaphylactic reactions).

Of course, it is not always immediately possible to know when you have eaten something that you are allergic to, but taking AC as soon as symptoms start to occur will help to alleviate many, if not all, of the symptoms. Scientific Evidence That Activated Charcoal Works

There is ample anecdotal evidence testifying to the effectiveness of activated charcoal in dealing with accidentally ingested food allergy triggers, especially for people who are gluten sensitive or have celiac disease and have inadvertently eaten gluten.

Scientific research on the subject is still in early stages, but so far studies attest to activated charcoal’s effectiveness for allergens other than gluten, as well. One such study was published in the Journal for Allergy and Clinical Immunology. Researchers for the study mixed peanut (a common allergen) protein and activated charcoal in test tubes and swallowed it. They then used various measurement techniques to determine how well the charcoal bound the peanut protein, making it unavailable to the body.

Although activated charcoal is effective in reducing or eliminating symptoms from eating foods that might cause allergic reactions under normal circumstances, the treatment should not be used as a way to cheat on a restricted diet in order to eat offending allergens. The AC cannot stop all of the proteins in a food from entering into the body.

Some will still enter the blood stream, causing the immune system to over-react, triggering inflammation, and exacerbating leaky gut issues. Anyone with food allergies should make all efforts to avoid the foods they are allergic to, but, as we are all human, activated charcoal can be helpful for the occasional instance where a mistake is made and an allergen is accidentally ingested. My Family’s Experience with Activated Charcoal

As many of you probably know, it is a horrible feeling to see your child in pain and not be able to do anything about it. Nothing we tried worked and we couldn’t find any doctors who could help us. He was actually misdiagnosed as having acid reflux. Thankfully we were able to take things into our own hands and figure out the root of the problem.

Since we discovered my son’s food allergies, we have had very few incidents of stomach pain and other digestive discomfort, but occasionally, especially when eating food not prepared at home, he accidentally ingests one of his trigger allergens and has a bad night.

The first time that I thought to try activated charcoal as a remedy for food allergy symptoms was after he had unknowingly eaten dairy. We put him to bed, but he woke up several times within the first two hours of sleep. I could tell he was uncomfortable, and he kept telling us his stomach was “hot.”

I emptied 1 ½ capsules of the AC into water and put it in a sippy cup so my son couldn’t see the black color (I was afraid he wouldn’t drink it if he saw it). He drank the water quickly without protest and fell back asleep. He slept soundly for six hours and then woke up saying his stomach was hot again. I gave him more of the activated charcoal and water, and he slept the rest of the night, waking up without symptoms in the morning. Every other time that my son has accidentally eaten dairy or another of his food allergens, he has woken up two to three times per hour throughout the night. Sometimes the discomfort from his symptoms has been so great that he hasn’t been able to sleep at all. I was shocked at how well the activated charcoal had worked to alleviate his symptoms and help all of us get a good night’s sleep.

– Activated charcoal will interfere with absorption of prescription and over-the-counter medications into the body, so it should always be taken separately (wait three to four hours in between using AC and taking medication), and a doctor should be consulted before using activated charcoal in the case of being on long-term prescription medication.

Activated charcoal is one of the safest and most cost-effective remedies to keep around the house. If you or a family member suffers from food allergies or sensitivities, it could very easily be the difference between hours of pain and discomfort or a regular day.

Erin Ter Beest lives and blogs in Alto, Wisconsin. She takes care of her son, Sawyer, while dabbling in traditional foods, alternative health, raising chickens and milk goats, and building a small, sustainable house with her husband, Casey. More of Erin’s thoughts on all things food, nutrition, farm, and home can be found at her website, Natural Wonderer.