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Can’t say enough good things about Cozumel Charters. They did everything they said on their web site – and they did it very well. We booked a private 4 hour charter on 3/28/2011 and had a FABULOUS time. Boat (clean and in very good condition), captain and crew of two arrived at our pier 15 minutes before charter was to begin. Crew was friendly and worked VERY hard to find fish. Cold water, beer and fresh pineapple were served on request. Typically had 5 lines in the water at one time. We ended up with 4 terrific tasting Mahi-Mahi, three gas zombies black ops of which were very large. We took several fillets to Margarittaville (you can take them to other restaurants for preparation too) where we could select any combination of three different ways to have them prepared for dinner that same evening. The six of us could not come close to eating all the fish and sides we were served – and the static electricity human body causes fish was GREAT tasting. I have no affiliation with this company and have never used them before. However, after seeing them in action, I can HIGHLY recommend them. We hope to be able to use them again on another visit to Cozumel. Thank you Cozumel Charters for the great memories – and priceless photos we now have! More Show less

My husband and I did a lot of research before booking this trip. We came from a cruise ship and I had forgotten to bring the instructions with me regarding how to get to the pier. We located the phone number and made a call in hopes to get directions. My husband spoke with a woman who answered the phone sounding like she was interrupted. She told us she would have circle k gas station locations to call us right back after taking our information and she did. When we spoke with her the second time she was much friendlier, helpful and nice. We took a taxi to the pier and easily located the boat, Diana. Although it says on the website transportation is covered, there was no one there to pay the expense electricity generation by source and my husband paid for the $8 cab ride + $2 tip (disappointing!). We made our way to Diana, met the friendly crew and we were off. We encountered some rough water but ended up catching 1 nice-sized dorado. We also got 2 more bites (one was over 150 lbs. the captain said) but lost them. The gentlemen dropped us off at Margaritaville where they cooked up our fish – and it was a wonderful lunch.

As I recall, it was not Cozumel’s most beautiful morning. I remember getting a phone call from our Texas office telling me you were at the cruise terminal, but had forgotten your confirmation meeting instructions. It’s not easy keeping up with documents when you have numerous ports of call and some activity scheduled in most. We also had a time difference to deal with. Most ships are arriving between one and two hours earlier than normal. This is caused by the USA Mexico going on daylight savings time three weeks apart. In Mexico the time change occurs tonight. If your ship schedule (ship time) was for gas in back trapped 8:00am, you arrived at 6am local time. We have to deal with it both springing forward and falling back – when it’s time for that reverse change. I am glad the lady reached me and got you to the correct marina boat. We do advertise that we pay the taxi one-way (to the marina) from Cruise Terminals and hotels up to $10. If you had written and told me the dock manager or boat gas pump heaven captain did not handle this matter during all this mix-up, I would have gladly arranged for your repayment. Indeed, since I know who you are and have your e-mail address, I will still reimburse you for your out-of-pocket expense for the taxi (up to $10). We appreciate your choice in charter operators here in Cozumel as well as your time efforts to post a trip review. I hope you enjoyed your fresh fish cooked at Margaritaville. I will send you an e-mail Monday to coordinate the easiest way to refund your taxi cost. We can do that via Pay la gasolina letra Pal or a check from our Texas bank bill pay department; but the check is slower than the Pay Pal option.

Thank you so much for your kind words. You folks fished out of Puerto Aventuras in the Riviera Maya; I’ll be sure to let the crew know how much you enjoyed your day fishing in the Mexican Caribbean. Really we appreciate your time and efforts letting other vacationers know what they can expect if they choose Cozumel Charters. Not everyone returns to the marina with so much fish, but when that happens everyone is delighted…not just the guests (they are the most important) but also the crew has a great time helping put our visitors on fish. If you folks ever get another chance to visit the Riviera Maya Cozumel area, we would gas natural love to be your first choice from personal experience and know you are not simply taking a chance. We spend a lot of time teaching our crew how to conduct themselves and to understand that the clients are putting a lot of faith and hard-earned cash in their abilities. We are very pleased when we see glowing reports like yours…it means we are doing our jobs pretty well and that gives us all a sense of satisfaction. Thanks for choosing Cozumel Charters and please do come back for another visit real soon. It was a great pleasure to have electricity year invented you with us.

Our group of 6 booked Cozumel Charters for our day excursion while on a cruise. Communication before the trip was great. Once we arrived in port we walked just a short distance to the find a taxi and took the 5-minute ride to the dock. Everyone was very friendly from the moment we arrived. The boat was stocked with an ice chest full of drinks, water, and beer. After being fitted for snorkel fins we were off to beautiful waters and a wonderful day of fishing. The crew Miguel and Ricky were amazing; patient with those of us less experienced and freer with those who were seasoned. The captain, Pepe, took us to a beautiful fishing spot off of the tip of the island. We caught approximately 40 – 50 triggerfish and a couple of yellow tail. We all had a great time. After about 3 hours the crew took electricity definition wikipedia us to a coral reef to snorkel. I was expecting the water to be cold, but I was amazed to find out the water was perfect. Ricky jumped in with us and showed us a beautiful coral reef and all of the fish that call it home. We snorkeled for approximately and hour or 2. Once gas bike alley back on board, the crew had fresh guacamole and salsa for us. We made our way back to the dock and the crew filleted our catch. We took 2 gallon sized Ziploc bags of fish to Margaritaville. We had the most amazing fresh fish tacos I have ever eaten! We are planning another trip to Cozumel (this time no cruise so that we have more time) and are looking forward to another trip with Cozumel Charters!

This was my first deep sea fishing experience (although I have fished my whole life on lakes and rivers) and I was very impressed! We were in Playa Del Carmen in the beginning of January and had booked a 4 hour excursion. We had little trouble locating the crew that was going to take us out. We initially hooked a barracuda (roughly 25 lbs), but after that had little luck. Thats fishing though, and you cannot expect to catch tons of fish every time you go out. We ended up doing some bottom fishing and caught a small red snapper and a trigger fish. The crew was great! I forget our captains name but his deckhand was Cesar. He was always changing bait and doing his best so that we would have the best chance to catch fish. After 3 hours of trolling and only the one catch electricity laws physics we decided to switch to bottom fishing and ended up catching the other two fish. Cesar was very willing to do whatever we wanted and was very friendly and provided us with some fishing stories since we were not catching much. The boat grade 9 electricity unit was perfectly clean. As soon as we hopped on board cesar was cleaning up the sand we had tracked in and we set out after loading up some beer. All in all.. great trip, fishing was slow but what can you do? crew was great, boat was clean and the sun was shinning. I am already planning a trip to head back in May or June and will be using Cozumel Charters again and hopefully we can hook into some more fish! Thanks again! Paul