A thanksgiving pilgrimage to the land of fi – 1500 days to freedom gas vs electric water heater


One of the best parts of blogging about FIRE and living in ‘ Stashtown is the parade of interesting people that pass through our lives. A couple of weeks ago, Elisabeth and her family came to visit all way from Hoosierland. gas questions She’s a professional writer with Standford credentials (the opposite of my hack-writing), so when she offered to write a guest post, I said “yes” with great enthusiasm. Take it away Elisabeth! A Thanksgiving Pilgrimage to the Land of FI

The ordinary moment, to me, was epic: four adults outside sipping craft brews as our daughters raced through snow and unearthed dormant lawn chairs. electricity song omd The conversation was casual – Chicago neighborhoods, Colorado weather. Yet the presence of our hosts Mr. and Mrs. 1500 on the hallowed ground of Mister Money Mustache World Headquarters had moved this low-key gathering into life-changing territory.

My husband and I had made the journey for this purpose – to see what FIRE looked like up close, and to ask someone in a position to answer whether we could in fact pull it off. The notion is far removed from our ordinary Midwestern lives, where our friends are upgrading to larger houses and seem both insulted and scandalized when we broach the topic of finance.

I will too, I’m sure, but the fact is we have lived 15 years in a place not of our choosing due to my husband’s job constraints. Though my science writing career is mobile – most of my clients are overseas – he is an academic, not easily transplantable, and we rely on his employer for health insurance. 4 gases in the atmosphere besides oxygen and nitrogen Financial independence would allow us to relocate and pursue the as-yet-unpaid artistic and literary projects we have long cherished and neglected.

Despite his resistance, I made some initial improvements, notably cutting the cable cord and eliminating impulse purchases. I also developed a beautiful budget spreadsheet based on my analysis of two years of credit card statements. Though it didn’t cut our costs substantially, it ensured we’d no longer be surprised by things like veterinary bills or car repairs. electricity wikipedia simple english Lastly, I opened a SEP IRA and dutifully sequestered 10% of my self-employed earnings into it, matching the percentage my husband got at his job. I knew it wasn’t much, but it was better than we had been doing, and without any co-conspirators or real-life role models my ambition waned.

Hosted by Jonathan Mendonsa and Brad Barrett, the podcast aims to walk listeners sequentially through the steps toward financial independence. I learned from them and the Millionaire Educator about 457 tax-advantaged plans, for which my husband is eligible as a state university employee. I discovered the Wealthy Accountant, who in a subsequent consultation helped me understand why treating my business as an S Corp and opening a 401K would be a much more effective tax optimization strategy. Best of all, I encountered many other FI enthusiasts on the ChooseFI Facebook page, including the shockingly hospitable Mr. 1500.

Buoyed by these newfound strategies and supportive strangers, I showed my husband the tool that would finally secure his buy-in: Nicholas Marrone’s “ Time to Financial Independence” calculator. It demonstrated that if we could save approximately half our combined income, we would reach FI in nine years, when our daughter graduates from high school.

I imagined, for the first time, how it would really feel to reach FI. electricity 2014 It would be not just a practical achievement but an existential transformation, decisions shifting from the service of survival to the fullest expression of our individual personalities, desires, and goals. What might I become, I wondered, if I wasn’t always anxious about my family’s wellbeing? What might I contribute, advocate, or build?