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Narrated by Katey Sagal, this romantic comedy follows the full story of the relationship of Andrew (Ben Feldman) and Zelda (Cristin Milioti) — from “A to Z.” They’ll date for eight months, three weeks, five days and one hour. They’re also a couple that almost wasn’t.

Zelda Vasco is a no-nonsense lawyer who has strong feelings about being her own person and prefers the control of online dating. However, when a computer glitch sends her a total mismatch, she’s asked to come in for an interview at Wallflower Online Dating — the agency where Andrew happens to work.

Andrew and Zelda meet for the first time and despite their differences, sparks fly. She thinks it’s chance while he thinks it’s fate (convinced she’s the shimmering girl in the silver dress). Is it true love forever or just a detour in destiny?

While at work, Andrew must navigate around Lydia, aka “Big Bird” (Christina Kirk). She’s his boss and the general manager at Wallflower who has a way of making everyone in the office uncomfortable. Hardly the romantic, she believes her job is keeping clients paying their monthly membership fee.

Zelda’s a little high-strung. She questions herself constantly, debates decisions endlessly and worries when there’s nothing to worry about. She’s not really the jealous type, but when Andrew calls to tell her that an ex, Madeline, is coming through town and wants to crash at his place for a few nights, Zelda might be justified in harboring a little concern. But to her credit, Zelda plays it cool and asks the right questions: Is she attractive? Yes. How long ago did they date? Years ago. What’s her current relationship status? Engaged. Zelda says sure.

Zelda’s got a larger question on her mind. The head of her firm has asked whether she’d like to become a partner. It’d be a huge career step, but it would also mean moving permanently to New York. Of all the problems Zelda’s been handed to ponder, this one is right up there. Does she leave behind her LA life, including her best friend Stephie and Andrew, the man who appears to be The One?

The plot thickens around Andrew and his ex. It turns out that she’s in town to get a little sympathy and support from her old friend, Andrew. It seems that the engagement is off. Zelda’s insecurities spike. Not only is Andrew’s ex attractive and brilliant, but she seems intent on more than just sympathy from Andrew. And Zelda’s not being paranoid: Stephie, Lora and even Big Bird peg Madeline as a flirty man-stealer, one that needs to be knocked out of the picture. Big Bird suggests a violent attack, but Stephie’s got a better idea: get Madeline focused on another man, anyone but Andrew.

Zelda connects the dots by connecting exes. She sets Madeline up with her ex, Jay. It inspires a little jealousy in Andrew, but alas for Madeline it’s not really a match. She tells Andrew and Zelda that she’s just not yet ready to date again. But she does appear ready for some action: stroking Andrew’s arm, bending over multiple times and giving him bedroom eyes. Zelda sounds the alarm to Andrew, so he sits Madeline down to explain that he’s committed to Zelda now – reconciliation will not happen. Madeline says she only came to town to get some support from one of her only true friends. She apologizes for wasting his time and threatening his relationship.

In an equanimous gesture, Zelda pulls Jay aside to explain that she understands that sometimes old lovers have feelings they’re looking to rekindle. But before she can tell Jay she’s devoted to Andrew, Jay makes his move: a full French kiss. Yechh! She calls Andrew to explain. Already upset that Zelda’s jealousy caused him to ruin his friendship with an ex, now he’s downright livid.

Andrew retells the story of Jay kissing Zelda to Stu, who immediately sounds the war drums. He gathers up Dinesh and some other buds from work and they race over to Jay’s apartment to deliver a menacing message in no uncertain terms: stay away from Zelda, or prepare to get your ass kicked.

But Jay answers the door in a Marine dress uniform, immediately setting each member of Andrew’s posse crumbling. Jay explains he’s just wearing the uniform as a costume to make himself attractive as a possible contestant for The Price Is Right. It’s the most nonviolent confrontation ever; all the guys except Andrew head into Jay’s apartment for drinks.

Zelda, on the other hand, tries to take the high road. She goes over to Andrew’s apartment to apologize to Madeline for imagining she had intentions on Andrew. But Madeline cops to the charge, explaining that she and Andrew once had a very special bond. In fact he told her once that he thought the two of them were meant to be. Zelda’s shell-shocked. That’s the exact phrase Andrew used with her on their first date.

Zelda calls Andrew and asks him point blank whether the “meant to be” line is just part of his modus operandi. Andrew explains that when he told that to Madeline, he actually believed it at the time. But now he knows Zelda’s the one. Zelda remains dubious and pushes the point with Andrew, who grows exasperated. “I can’t guarantee that we’re gonna be together forever.” They’re exactly the wrong words. Zelda processes and then turns a huge emotional page. With sadness and courage, she reveals the New York partnership offer to Andrew – and she’s just decided that she’s going to take it. She tells Ms. Whalen, head of the law firm, the news.

Zelda breaks the news to Stephie, who’s remarkably understanding. She knows it’s a major decision. Zelda packs and heads off for a week in New York. The office and the staffers seem friendly enough, but clearly it’ll be a challenge on many levels.

Andrew’s beyond heartbroken. He heads out to the bar with Stu to drown his sorrows; Zelda hasn’t called him since she left for New York. Andrew excuses himself and screws up his courage to call her, but the call goes to voice mail. Undeterred, he leaves a message, confessing that he’s been naïve but never deceptive, and he knows deep in his soul that he only wants to be with Zelda. As he’s finishing the message, he spots Zelda walking down the steps of the very same bar. She’s back. The embrace and share a passionate kiss. It’s clear Zelda is every bit as in love with Andrew as he is with her.