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Our streak of waking up to rain is now at 2 days. Not pouring rain, but rain nonetheless. We spent the morning packing up our stuff and eating a big hearty breakfast, in part so we wouldn’t have to stop for lunch and in part to get rid of the food in the fridge so we didn’t have to take it with us. Our trip was going to take almost 3 hours to get to our new house so we wanted to get going by 11 am. We left at 10:55, so a win with two small children. On our way we decided to stop off at McDonalds, not for food, but for internet. We were going to try and settle this car rental insurance fiasco. My plan was to see if we could switch credit cards on our rental in order to get rid of the insurance. In order to do this we first had to see if they would let us switch to another card. If they said yes then we would have to sign up for a Canadian card that Europcar accepted. We would have to pay the annual fee, but it was still going to be exceptionally cheaper than the insurance we were paying.

It was going to take awhile to accomplish but our next place informed us that we could check in at 4 pm, so we had lots of time, and we were at McDonalds, so the kids would be satisfied as well. It turns out that this McDonalds had iPad things with a bunch of games on it, so they were zombies for the entire time. We probably could have left them there and they wouldn’t have noticed. Meanwhile Susan and I checked the internet for any information we could find. Eventually Susan called a number she found for Europcar so she could ask if changing credit cards was even a possibility. After asking a random guy how to dial an Irish number she discovered in her conversation that, in fact it may have been possible to get coverage for the card we had. They said that if we could get a letter or email from the credit card saying that our insurance was covered, they would accept it and remove all of the insurance charges. Sounds too good to be true.

So we hung up and called the credit card company. After figuring out how to do that from Ireland, Susan talked to an individual who said all we had to do was show them the travel/car insurance document on their website as that was the proof. We said great, however that was the document we already showed them and they didn’t accept it the first time. Susan requested an email from them that would say something like ‘this credit card will cover insurance costs’, but they said they can’t do that. They said that their document was a legal document and that it should be acceptable as is. He also said that if they refuse to accept it we could ask the credit card company to dispute the charges on the fact that the car rental company just simply refused the legal coverage. We said okay and Susan contacted the lady at Europcar via email (Europcar figured we could solve this over email) and told her what we were told, minus the dispute the charges bit. We haven’t heard back yet, so the issue is still not quite resolved.

After spending 2 hours in McDonalds we took off again for our new destination. The kids watched a movie, Susan had a nap and I listened to music while rain pounded the window. It was pretty uneventful and we got to our new place at exactly 4 pm. It was called Arnestown Barn in Arnestown, a small town near New Ross. The place is above the garage of a pretty swanky stone house.