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“Han Chin Pet Soo” is a privately run museum listed as a heritage sites by the UNESCO, located in the 3, Jalan Bijeh Timah,30100, ipoh, Perak near river Kinta. It is an amazing museum showing the tin mining. Tin electricity 2014 mining industry managed by the Chinese Hakka migrants. The museum is managed by the Ipoh Word Sdn Bhd and its curator is Commander Ian Anderson RN (Rtd) The artifacts, life sized statues, interesting exhibits, the objects used in that time, photos and writings electricity usage by state and notices are mostly from the 19th and 20th centuries. The pinpoint expert explanations is given by the Malaysian lady of Chinese origin clearly takes us to the insight of the tin industry done in the past in Malaysia as well as of the Hakka emigrants . The museum is very well set up. There is so much to learn about the tin mining and the hardship the workers had to undergo. Being the club building, it also shows how the Hakka members of tin mining enjoyed themselves and spent their leisure. The museum was founded in 1893 and rebuilt in 1929. Now, It is has 2000 sq. feet in 3 floors with an unique architecture. When it reopened in 2015, it attracted more than 6000 visitors electricity generation by source by state in six months. You have to get an appointment to visit the museum through internet booking or just by informing by word of mouth. We went there by 12.30 pm and it was closed 5 gases emitted from the exhaust pipe and we were asked to come by 2 pm. It is open from Wednesday to Sunday.They cater a group with a maximum of 40 persons. The explanations plus the video took 1 hour and 20 minutes. I felt little boring towards the latter part although I was very much interested in the beginning. In 1982, Han Chin Pet Soo gas and bloating pain (arrived in 1876) formed the Han Chin Tin Miners’ Club in a double-story shop-house where the Villa stands today in Ioph. The club membership was only for Hakka miners. They met their colleagues and friends from home or have a meal. Lodging house facilities were also available for their relatives and friends from abroad. They could also legally play Mahjong (the group ex-plainer lady, demonstrated how it is done). In 1897, they received a copy of a memo from the District Magistrate, Kinta to the Assistant Magistrate Ipoh, It reads as: The members of the Chinese Club, Ipoh have permission to gamble in their house pending the issue of a formal license. It was singed by Cecil P. Villy, the electricity origin District Magistrate then. The club members held house swarming on the 5th May 1930, for their revamped building. They got electricity supply then; the moment it was available in Ipoh. In 1941, with the Japanese invasion, the building gas national average 2009 was illegally sold without the knowledge of the members and the villa was lost to them. In 1945, the building was returned to them after proving their ownership. When tin mining came to an end, the number of miners gradually reduced. In 2012, the building was electricity experiments for high school leased to the Ipoh-World, a heritage group dedicated to restore it, with a view to making it a tourist attraction. At the ground floor on the edge, there is a section that shows the original tin mining equipment highlights and the process of mining for tin as the development of Ipoh and the Kinta Valley was along with the tin mining. They show a historic video explaining the process of tin mining in the 1940s. There is a well stoked kitchen to provide meals for the club members. The kitchen has a three charcoal and one wood-fired stove, kitchen utensils and tins appropriate to the period. The backyard is designed as the town square, good photography the area and has a mural of a tin dredge, a street in Ipoh gasbuddy near me and a tin shop. The first floor shows the activities of the club members gas problem in babies over the 122 years of its history. It is named as ‘the four evils”; gambling. opium smoking, prostitution and secret societies. Full sized statues demonstrate of the Hakka members in their activities. The second floor is for guests housing who were Hakka males that were friends’ of a member of the club. Coincidentally, Hakka means guest in English. If you wish to have Hakka themed dinner, make a prior arrangement at the Hakka Tin Miners Club. The museum also has restrooms on the ground floor, We were able to get a great overview of the tin industry, feel the hardships faced by the workers gas news australia and the posh life experienced by Hakka tin miners. The spare mistresses of the club members were housed elsewhere on a particular street,. We also learnt that prostitutes from other countries were brought to Ipoh for the enjoyment of the tin mining, Hakka community. There was a box for collecting donations and mentions that ten Ringgits are expected per visitor. My friend, Mr. Young Chuan Lim made the contributions. Concubine lane with some arts and old structures are just there and one could gas laws visit it just after of just before the museum.