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There were two important announcements after the 2-day OPEC meeting at the end of last week. With Russia in agreement, OPEC announced a 1.2 million bpd production cut, which brought WTI crude oil back above $52 per barrel. The move higher in the futures price began prior to the size of the cut being announced, which made sense when you consider the weakness caused by confusing and contradictory statements after the first day of the meeting. Iran made statements implying a cut was not a certainty, the U.A.E. made statements implying the exact opposite and Saudi Arabia wasn’t saying much at all other than wait for Russia. electricity and magnetism lecture notes The Thursday press conference was canceled and prices weakened.

Day-2, Russia’s delegation arrives and the above-mentioned production cut is announced. Production will begin slowing January 1, with OPEC shouldering 800,000 bpd of the cut and Russia’s block covering 400,000. Both Brent at WTI moved higher, with Brent outpacing WTI, since North American producers not a part of the agreement and can breathe a bit easier knowing prices will be supported by this cut. The cut is larger than expected and will go a long way to erase the growing surplus, which currently sits about 6% above the five year average for this time of year, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), and with economies around the globe slowing demand estimates have been dropping as well. gas bijoux discount code The production cut was needed from OPEC’s perspective and the U.S. shale patch would probably agree.

While there’s a strong chance the price of oil will be stronger in 2019, OPEC will be weaker. Qatar announced that after 25 years as a member of the cartel, they will be leaving effective the same day as the production cut. This is the rarest of events, as Qatar is the first Middle East nation to quit the OPEC. The world’s largest supplier of liquefied natural gas wants to concentrate on gas production and made a point to include that the move is not political, but it is nearly impossible for this move to avoid being a political one. It is not clear whether or not Qatar will participate in the cut, but with an October level of 609,000 bpd or production, it is unlikely they would’ve been asked to contribute much anyway. Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been involved in several conflicts over the past few years and this is the main concern. Does the conflict between the two middle eastern nations become a military one at some point, without the bond of their OPEC memberships, and with Qatar asking for Iran’s help? If the world was worried about higher oil prices, that type of outcome could push prices above $70 very quickly. OPEC has been looked at as a Saudi proxy for some time and with the importance, the U.S. and Russian crude production now has on prices, OPEC power has weakened substantially. Military conflict in the area could be the one non-trade related factor that pushes global economies down a well.–

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