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7 a.m. — I’m teleworking today. Breakfast is a fried-egg sandwich with cheddar cheese, cucumber, grated carrot, onion, lettuce, beet, and mayo. I work for a few hours on a database and then make lunch: noodles with a peanut butter/black vinegar/sesame oil/chili paste sauce, plus chopped cucumber electricity production in india tomato, onion, and garlic. No one calls me all day, so I am able to really focus on the quality-control grind.

10 a.m. — Breakfast is cheesy eggs, buttered toast, and coffee. My dad drives us to Hillwood, which is a mansion that was owned by Marjorie Merriweather Post, the General Foods heiress ($18, my parents pay). She was the wife of the American ambassador to the Soviet Union in the late 1930s and rich as hell, so she collected electricity word search j farkas answers imperial Russian pieces at fire-sale prices. Once my parents drop me off back at home, I eat an Anzac biscuit and a mini cupcake left over from my mom’s mahjong game.

2 p.m. — Brunch at Ambar with three friends from school. It’s a Serbian small-plates place, and we order à la carte instead of getting bottomless. We get dips, cevapi and eggs, a cheese pie, shopska electricity load profile salad, mushroom pilaf, and a pitcher of a vodka–mandarin orange drink. One of the girls brought specialty chocolates, and I eat two of those as well. $32

6 p.m. — I go over to my friend’s apartment. I was in the Peace Corps with this friend, and we get together often to drink kava, a South Pacific beverage that tastes like spicy dirt but chills you out. I ordered a pound of Fijian kava from Amazon Prime a few weeks ago, and it was only $45, which for kava is a steal. We agree that it tastes fresher than a lot of the Vanuatu and Tonga kava we’ve been drinking lately. The three of us have a few shells of kava and wash the taste out with cheese and corn nuts, then drink wine and eat meatball sandwiches. I feel pretty tipsy on the Metro home and chat with my boyfriend on the phone on the walk.

8 a.m. — It’s Presidents’ Day gas bubble in eye, so I don’t have work. I eat leftover orzo for breakfast before going national gas average 2012 to a 90-minute yoga class. I’m late since the green line is terrible (16-minute delays?!), but luckily the teacher is, too. I ask if we can do a lot of back bends, and I get to practice my weirdest pose. Afterward, I walk to Target, where I buy mildew spray, soap-scum cleaner, oxygen bleach, a dustpan and broom, eight pants hangers, a scrub brush, and a wrinkle releaser ($56.35). I take the bus home and attack the shower with everything I bought. After 30 minutes k electric bill, it looks so much better that I regret my earlier life living in filth. $56.35

7:30 p.m. — I Metro to my ballet class ($18.50). My New Year’s goal was to invest in myself, both in terms of money and in terms of personal development. I used to be a dancer, but for years I’ve either been overseas or in graduate school. After class, the teacher promises me that it’ll all come back to me with time, and I hope so — the muscle memory just isn’t there anymore. The weather is okay, so I walk home instead of taking the Metro and then watch The Great British Bake Off until I’m ready to sleep. $18.50

6 a.m. — For breakfast, I have electricity definition science oatmeal with dried cranberries and almond butter, followed by a coffee. Work makes me feel very scatterbrained — I have lots of meetings all day and no time to really focus on longer projects. I am relatively new at my job and am still in the learning process. At my desk, I have orzo, a Coke Zero, five Hershey’s Kisses, a caramel chocolate, and an apple.

6 p.m. — I stop at the gym for a quick round of weight lifting, then go to Chipotle for dinner since I figure gasset y ortega filosofia it’ll be almost the same price to go home and back anyway. I order a salad with black beans, fajita vegetables, guacamole, mild salsa, hot salsa, corn, and lettuce ($8.37). Disaster strikes in the form of a small rock in my bowl. I decide not to talk to the manager, because what are they going to do — give me a new salad? I already don’t want this one. This is why my mom says to pick through dry beans before you cook them! I throw the rest of the salad away and stop at Pret a Manger for a yogurt with granola and blueberry compote ($4.39). Next time I’m bringing my dinner, eating at work, saving money, and avoiding rocks static electricity bill nye full episode. $12.76

6 p.m. — I take the Metro to yoga. Yoga class is good, but we do a lot of standing splits, which are not my favorite. Afterward, I stop at Trader Joe’s to do a big shop for the week ahead: Romaine lettuce, kale, oranges, pomelos, red onion, cucumber, tomatoes, mushrooms, onion salt, Parmesan, whole milk, whole milk vanilla yogurt, frozen berries, and two bottles of wine ($59.32). Then I take the bus home. I drink some vermouth and call my boyfriend, who is flying in tomorrow for a long weekend. $59.32

5 p.m. — My boyfriend has landed! We meet at Mari Vanna in Dupont to take $4 shots of flavored vodka and split lamb pastries ($16). I get horseradish and honey-pepper. This is a late Valentine’s trip, and we’re doing a mystery date, so I don’t know where we’re going for dinner. I booked him a flying lesson for tomorrow morning, which he has no idea gas chamber about. $16