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Once the departing passengers had boarded SeaQuest, we then moved to our cabin which was reasonably spacious with gas vs diesel towing a decent sized shower and… After driving four hours from Townsville to Cairns, my daughter and I checked into the Holiday Inn on the Sunday evening and rewarded ourselves with some delicious Thai food nearby. It was so good that we returned after our trip with some new friends that we made on the live aboard. The following morning, we were picked up from the hotel in a minibus and then taken to Divers Den dive centre where we paid for our trip and presented our dive cards etc. After that we were then taken to the marina where we boarded SeaQuest, which would take us out to the live aboard ship OceanQuest with two dives on the way. On SeaQuest, we were given safety briefings by the crew, and filled out all of the necessary paperwork. Two hours later, over slightly choppy water and under an overcast sky, we reached the first dive spot. This was close to OceanQuest, and we had a couple of dives at two dive spots on Norman Reef. After the dives we had lunch then were taken to OceanQuest. The transfer to OceanQuest was well organized; luggage first then the owner of the luggage, names ticked off, cabin assigned, and then guided into the galley area for a nice fresh baked muffin and a hot drink. Once the departing passengers had boarded SeaQuest, we then moved to our cabin which was reasonably spacious with a decent sized shower and toilet and two single beds plus some storage space. The first thing we checked was the life jackets and the escape route. There were also plenty of notices around with dive eat sleep schedule, so it was always in your face and easy to time other things. We opted out of the afternoon dive, and decided to do only the night dive on the first day. Similarly, on the second day, after three dives in the morning (06:30, 09:00, 11:00) we opted out of the afternoon dive and only did the night dive after dinner at 19:00. So in total we did ten out of a possible twelve dives over the three days. Meals were all freshly prepared in the galley gas vs electric dryer and pretty good. Everyone again was checked in to the galley, ensuring nobody was missing I presume. There were constant checks made, when entering the water and getting back on the boat too. Nobody was going to be left behind or miss a meal! On the third day we packed up after lunch and attempted to dry out our gear as best as possible and then vacated our cabin for the transfer back to SeaQuest. This gave us a few hours to chat with other divers and have a drink too. One of the key rules during the trip is that once you have an alcoholic drink then all diving ceases for that person for the day. Dives are limited to 50 minutes for day dives and 40 minutes for night dives, which for people like my daughter and I, is far too short. However, given the schedules that they run, this is understandable. The logistics of organizing 40 or so divers off and on the boat is not easy given the mixed experience levels from DSDs and snorkelers to well experienced divers. The diving organization cannot be faulted and I was quite impressed at how well it ran, hats off to the whole team. Also the boat crew from the captain, purser, chef and for sure some unseen members a big thanks for keeping everything ship shape. More Show less

My partner and I recently spent 2nights/3days electricity production in chad aboard Oceanquest and couldn’t recommend it higher. We haven’t been to Cairns/GBR for several years and were amazed by the trip in every aspect. Diving-wise: the reef is absolutely gorgeous, and showing no signs (yet?) of the doomsday prophecies we’ve been receiving in the UK media. We dived on both sides of Norman reef, including some outstanding wild-side reefs – secluded and hardly-visited spots of incredibly healthy and rich reef. Variety of life out there was superb. You can tell the crew is treated well (right down to the volunteers being treated like actual human beings!), the enthusiasm and hospitality shown by everybody across the boats/office is to be applauded. The absolute highest standards of safety are adhered to without any effect on comfort or fun. The food was good and plentiful, cabins were clean, dive deck was clean and spacious and the bar was relatively extensive and not overpriced. We couldn’t fault DSDD from start to finish, and wouldn’t hesitate recommending this trip to any visitor/s either diving or snorkelling, regardless of age.

Did the advanced open water course on the liveaboard for 3 nights with Peter L who was an awesome instructor, and his lovely assistants the page master and the husky pen master. Could not fault the food and in fact the whole crew were very friendly and it was a pleasure to be there. The dives were of a very high quality and there was lots to see, although luck always play a part in what you see. I booked the optional extra ‘fluoro dive’ (they give you a blue torch) which was underwhelming for me (not sure if it was the dive site or the crowded group) but for what we saw (coral only) it was a $50 gimmick. The night dive included without the surcharge was more enjoyable for me. Some gas x strips after gastric sleeve feedback for management: making people pay their account expenses everyday at a certain time and then approaching them while other people are around (or asking ‘Hey x did you pay yet? with bystanders) may be offensive to some people. One guy who didn’t speak English as a 1st language was particularly upset as they missed the announcement that it was pay time. My preference would to be to pay once on last day of the trip. Overall a great diving experience and I would recommend Deep Sea Divers Den to friends.

We took the 3 days 2 nights liveaboard package – you get picked from the hotel early in the morning, travel to the reef on a day boat (Sea Quest) on which you do your morning dives, and then transfer to the live-aboard vessel, the Ocean Quest around 2:30 PM. The tour includes a twin cabin, food (Ocean Quest has a good cook!) and 4 dives per day (the night dive is charged extra) in the Norman Reef and Saxon Reef – part of the Outer Great Barrier Reef. While on the boat, I took the Advanced Open Water package – a good deal at $175, which includes a night dive. Pete and Katja are great dive instructors, and the Advanced Open Water course with them was a fun experience. The liveaboard cost 976 Euros for 2 people. Considering this included up to 10 dives per person in the gas efficient cars 2016 beautiful Barrier Reef (yes, there still is some coral in good shape to be found) with competent dive instructors, two night lodging in a private cabin on a ship sailing the Outer Great Barrier Reef, good food and transportation to/from the boat -, this tour is good value and a great experience.

We just did the 5 day open water course. We had an AMAZING time. The crew was awesome. We had like a few different diving instructors: Luke, Ryan and Nathalie. They were all so enthousiastic, helpfull wd gaster theme and friendly. They really take time for everyone to feel comfortabele under the water. Big up to the entire crew. We were lucky to have an awesome group too, which made the experience even better! We were doubting between pro dive and dsdd. But now im so glad we choose this Company. We slept 2 nights on the ocean quest and did total of 10 dives (1 night dive with sharks… so cool!). The boat is great, the rooms are great, the food is very nice. At first it looks a bit expensive to do this divers course (we are cheap backpackers) but in the end it is worth it so so much!! You really won’t regret it. The great barrier reef is Nice! Dsdd owns a spot at the Norman Reef (upper part) so we saw lots of different fishes, turtles, sharks, corals. Be sure you book at least 2 nights. You get much more dives. Guys, call the company, book your trip, this really is a must do! Cheers Michael Laura