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Significant excess weight is a big health threat that must be eliminated or at least minimized. Ideally, if the weight loss happens gradually. But in some cases, radical methods. You need to lose 10, 20 or even 30 pounds? These fabulous results can be achieved with diet ABC.

In the 70 years of the twentieth century in America, operated a training camp for weight loss Ana Boot Camp (ABC). The diet received its name in honor of this special school, which, incidentally, was noted for its strict discipline. Physical activity under the guidance of coach in tandem with a restricted diet ensured excellent effect. Diet ABC one of these techniques. However, the sport isn’t a priority. Experts on the contrary is recommended to only perform simple exercises so as not to Deplete slimming the body. Features of the ABC diet.

Diet ABC – a rather unusual method of losing weight. This technique deceives the metabolism. Due to the fact that the body each day receives a different amount of calories, is weight loss. This trick helps to get rid of the ballast, which prevents to live a full life.

First pounds will go active, however it is not excluded that soon the process of weight loss will stop. The body may not want to part with fat reserves, but do not go the distance. Eat your meals at the regime and see results. The numbers on the scale will decrease and your self-esteem to grow. The basic rules of the ABC diet.

Each method of weight loss has its postulates. The implementation of the recommendations of nutritionists is a fundamentally important point. It affects not only the amount of weight loss, but also the state of health during diet and after it.

In the group (she is yellow) the food you can eat before six in the evening. So, not forbidden to eat buckwheat, rice, wheat, barley, lentil and other cereals. Feel free to buy any cereals, but do not forget that semolina is taboo. Place in the diet of pasta durum, savory pastries puff pastry, chicken, Turkey, rabbit, beef. During cooking, keep in mind an important point: the meat should be lean, without skin and veins.

Diet ABC can diet ham and sausages, cheese and cottage cheese with low percentage of fat. A day will not harm natural spices, tomato sauce, dark chocolate, cherries, watermelon, pears, prunes, apricots, and other fruits and dried fruits. Until 18:00 is not prohibited coffee.

Group C (green) are foods that are allowed to eat at any time. So, you can eat cabbage, cucumbers, bell pepper, steamed fish, seafood, apples, oranges, lemons, grapefruit. Green list – asparagus, arugula, sorrel, spinach, watercress and other greens. Also in this category are chicken eggs. Every day, cook yourself an omelet. The main thing – do not use more than two eggs The options menu in calories.

Attach a maximum effort to secure the result. This diet is hard, and to observe it again is a big risk. Only six months after the diet you can try again. To not have the second time to shock the body, eliminate the psychological problem of overeating, actively exercise and eat healthy food. Out of the diet.

Consume no more than 500 calories in the first five days after the end of a strict diet. Starting from the sixth day eat Breakfast cereals on the water. And in seven days try to add steam or lean meat. A month after the diet do not go beyond 1000 calories a day.

Losing weight is an incredibly complex process that takes a lot of physical and moral strength. Therefore, it is important to properly adjust to the diet. Before starting weight loss clearly identify your motivation. Repeat these key words every time when you feel that you can break.

Note that in the first seven days of the diet you will suffer from hunger. This significant restriction of the diet is a huge challenge that must be overcome. Do not go the distance. After a week or somewhere on the ninth day you get used to eat small portions and be satisfied with the number of dropped pounds.