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The abdomen houses various organs like the kidneys, liver, stomach and intestines. Momentous stomach or abdominal pain is normal. However, discomfort or pain after drinking alcohol can be causes by a health complication which should not be taken lightly. Seeking medical attention as advised if the pain preserves or worsens. Causes of stomach pain after drinking alcohol

This is a condition that inhibits the body from digesting alcohol. The inability of the small intestines to produce enzymes that digest the alcohol toxins causes this condition. Beer ingredients like preservatives, sulfur dioxide as well as histamine trigger this condition.

The epithelial lining is a protective covering of the stomach. Intake of too much alcohol damages this lining resulting in inflammation. This triggers stomach pain and cramps. The damage to this lining also causes medical complications. 4. Peptic ulcers

Peptic ulcers are an open wound in the lining on the stomach. These wounds can also be present in the duodenum and esophagus. Symptoms include pain and extreme discomfort in the stomach especially after eating. The discomfort is accompanied by a burning feeling before eating or drinking. 5. Chronic cholecystitis

Also referred to as the gallbladder disease, this condition is caused by the presence of excessive gall stones in the gallbladder. Symptoms include pain in the abdomen. However, pain in the right abdomen to the back indicates another condition. Chronic cholecystitis triggers pain in the abdomen a few hours after drinking alcohol. 6. Gastritis

This condition is caused by excessive consumption of alcohol that severely irritates the stomach walls. This can lead to inflation or bleeding. It is also caused by cigarettes and coffee. Symptoms include dull and constant pain in the upper abdomen, lack of appetite and bloating. Other symptoms include burning sensation, nausea and vomiting.

For any of the above symptoms, it is advisable to seek professional help from a medical doctor. For alcoholism, acceptance by the alcoholic is the hardest part. It is only after accepting that one is able to seek help. Medication is administered depending on the severity of the symptoms. Treatments include antibiotics and antacids. This prevents further growth of the injured parts of the stomach. It is advisable to avoid the intake of alcohol. 7. Bowel obstruction

This condition is caused by serious health complications or simply fecal matter that is impacted. Health complications could be tumors, hernias or abnormal growth of tissues. Symptoms include abdominal cramping and pain, bad breath, constipation, vomiting as well as a distended abdomen. This condition can also cause stomach pain after drinking alcohol. Medical help is needed immediately if you are suffering bowl obstruction. Home remedies for stomach pain after drinking alcohol 1. Drink lots of water

• Avoid taking beverages with high congeners. Avoid taking darker alcoholic drinks. These drinks contain high levels of congeners. This is the chemical used to add flavor and color to the drinks. Drinks with higher congeners include scotch, bourbon, brandy, red wine, tequila, and dark colored beer that have high alcohol content.