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i have endometriosis and my pain is very similar to urs it generally starts in my abdomin then moves to my uetrus then moves to my lower back it varius as to its persistancy sometimes it goes away after a min or two and then returns 10 mins later and sometimes it can last all day the vomiting also sounds familiar i lost 10 pounds in two weeks … there r tests they can do to see it is endo but the best one is a labrascopy . they make u two very small cuts one in ur belly button and one by ur uetrus they stick a camera in one and a laser in the other so if they find any scar tissue they can easily remove it . as far as treatments go their r 3 of them that i know of .. they generally start u out on birth control which helps slow the growth of endo . when they put u on the pill they will usually have u take it continuously for three months then on the third month u wil take the row of water pills which will allow u to have a period for that week u can also just not have a period it depends on what u want and what ur doc says is best it may take soem time to find the right pill for u aswell because everyones body is diff . the second way is geting hormone shots wich will throw u into a chemical menopause causing u to no have ur peiod as well and the final treatment is the labrascopy as well because they can remove the scar tissue that comes with endo … u really just need to go to a really good OBGYN because endo is hard to diagnosethey miss diagnosed me for 6 months after numerous hours of testing i finally got a good doc that referred me to an OB and some docs know nothing about it so they dont even think to check u for that .. good luck and keep ur head held high

Sounds like it could be gallbladder. Does the pain wake you at night often? Does it ever feel like u are being squeezed around the upper abdomen. Could consider duodenal ulcer. Endo and/or cysts is a possibility. Did you have worse pain after children or tubal ligation? Diaphragmatic Endometriosis is considered rare, but it is believed as many as 30% of women with endo also suffer from diaphragmatic endo, most going untreated and undiagnosed because most gynos are not trained to operate on the diaphram and dont even check. Do you have right side neck and shoulder pain as well? If it is endo, there is no good treatment plan unfortunately. Diaphragmatic endo requires the worst procedure. cutting open the abdomen, removing the liver temporarily, and cutting out sections of the diaphram possibly because a laser cannot be used onthe thin muscle without burning a hole through. I have had multiple laparoscopies, Ive tried Lupron Depo and Depo Provera, I am on birth control with no menstruation week. Almost every treatment is insufficient and has worse side effects than they tell you. I would warn against Lupron Depo to put you into a chemical menapause…it was a hellish experience for me and I was hospitalized multiple times during the treatment. Finding a doctor to do a good initial laparoscopy treatment, followed by a birth control used continuosly, and healthy diet avoiding estrogen heavy foods. Consider chiropractic care or osteopathic manipulation, it has helped me a lot. Could consider a liver cleanse, it can get congested with estrogen. And yes I have this, but no they have never figured out what it is. After 2-1/2 yrs of pain so bad I couldnt even breath and trying every possible endo treatment, I was put on a mild opiate for pain (tramadol). It doesnt get rid of all the pain, but helps a lot. I am the same person I was 3 yrs ago atleast. Goodluck and try to find a doctor that specializs in endometriosis.

I’m new here, but came across this and thought I’d give you some advice although this post is from 2007. I have been through three surgeries in the past year, suffer from endometriosis with some of the same symptoms at the age 24. I’m so sorry you go through this. I have had an emotional time with endometriosis, several trips to the er, bled up to six months straight in the past, been told Lipton depot is the answer when it’s not and has several side affects, and seen a million doctors.im hurting as I speak now with nausea. I’ve lost too much weight, it causes so many problems including relationship problems. I had to quit working because no doctor around here wants to do much about endometriosis. I stay sick, with severe anxiety and pain constantly. Find a good doctor and demand they do laparoscopy! The more surgeries they do the worst off you’ll be when it comes to scar tissue and adhesions on top of endometriosis. Pain killers are addictive, although they help, it doesn’t take much for that to become an issue on top of endometriosis which leads to trying to get off those as well . I know I’ve been there. Since I’ve taken myself off of lupron shot, stopped pain killers, I’ve definitely felt better yet I still have my months and days with every symptom you’ve described.I just want everyone to know you are not alone and support groups help emotionally too. If you need to cry, cry. If your significant other doesn’t understand, try to explain to them in advance. Life isn’t easy with endometriosis but if your strong, life is easier. I could go on all day about my experience but if you need someone to tqlk to, or advice, you can always email me