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The Lake Geneva Public Library Board of Trustees is committed to providing a safe and welcoming library environment. Wisconsin State Statutes Chapter 43.52(2) states that the Lake Geneva Public Library Board of Trustees may enact regulations to render use most beneficial to the greatest number. gas turbine Chapter 43.58(1) establishes the library board’s exclusive control over the library building. This policy sets guidelines for use of library security cameras (video), as well as access and retrieval of recorded video images at the Lake Geneva Public Library.

Recorded data is confidential and secured in controlled areas. Video recordings are typically stored for no longer than a week. 6 gases As new images are recorded, the oldest images will be automatically erased. Video recording files saved for law enforcement purposes will be saved by the Library until the matter is resolved. Any footage given to the Lake Geneva Police Department will not be under Library control as soon as it is turned over.

Video surveillance recordings may ONLY be accessed by the Library Director, or staff member designated by the Director, as video surveillance data is considered protected public library records. The Lake Geneva Public Library will follow law enforcement directives as permitted by Chapter 43.30(5) and 2007 Act 34. A court order will be required to obtain library records that may indicate the identity of library users, with the following exceptions:

• “Upon the request of a law enforcement officer who is investigating criminal conduct alleged to have occurred at a library supported in whole or in part by public funds, the library shall disclose to the law enforcement officer all records pertinent to the alleged criminal conduct that were produced by a surveillance device under the control of the library.”

The Lake Geneva Public Library offers public access to computers with various productivity software programs, email and Internet access as an educational and recreational resource to its cardholders. The Library maintains a web site that provides information about the Library, its resources, and the community, and offers first links to other web sites consistent with our collection policies.

The Internet is not controlled by the Lake Geneva Public Library; it is a global entity that constantly changes. electricity recruitment 2015 The Internet presents ideas and information from around the world that can be personally, professionally, and culturally enriching. However, not all resources on the Internet are accurate, current, or meet an individual’s needs. Users are advised to exercise the same judgment with electronic resources they apply to printed materials.

Library patrons who access the Internet bear their own responsibility in terms of suitability, reliability, copyright and other legal applications. The Library cannot guarantee patrons will be able to complete their desired task due to the limitations of the hardware, productivity software and security systems of the Internet computer stations. In addition patrons cannot expect complete privacy. electricity sources usa The Library reserves the right to make on the spot decisions about particular sites that may be deemed inappropriate in a public setting. In such cases, Library staff does their best to apply library collection and behavior guidelines in a thoughtful and consistent manner.

No one may use the Internet computer stations without first signing up at a station, the Self-Service Reservation Station or the Circulation Desk. To sign up, a patron must present a valid library card, or be a temporary visitor to the Lake Geneva area and have suitable identification. gas out game instructions The Lake Geneva Public Library makes available Express Computers specifically for the use of temporary visitors. Minors under the age of 18 may not use the Express Computers unless they have a valid SHARE library card.

Your use of the Lake Geneva Public Library’s Internet services indicates your acceptance of this policy and your responsibility for the equipment provided and your actions while using it. Any attempt to bypass or to defeat the security or reservation systems used with the public Internet computer stations is prohibited. Any attempt to alter or reposition the computers or any attached equipment is also prohibited. v gashi Failure to comply with this policy may result in, but not be limited to, suspension of computer privileges at the Lake Geneva Public Library.

The Lake Geneva Public Library Board of Trustees recognizes the need to provide quality programs for all ages that support the mission and goals of the Library. Library initiated programs are a library resource and may include, but are not limited to, speeches, discussion groups, lectures, community forums, and live or media presentations that meet educational, informational, cultural, and recreational needs within the community. Library initiated programs utilize staff expertise and library collections to promote the power of reading and to offer access to information in a group setting.

All Library programs are free of charge and are open to the general public. Authors or programming partners may autograph and sell books at the discretion of the Library Director provided that such sale shall not discourage program participation by appearing to be an attendance fee. The Library may participate in cooperative or joint programs with agencies, organizations, institutions, or individuals in order to further Library goals.