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About Orna Ben-Shoshan: Metaphysical artist Orna Ben-Shoshan has been implementing her artwork into a series of metaphysical, self-guidance and divination products. m power electricity She is the founder and owner of “Kabbalah Insights” – Tools for personal guidance. Visit http://Kabbalahinsights.com to learn more about her work. Orna’s metaphysical artwork is based on channeled visual messages, and infuses deep spiritual experience with subtle humor. ➡ Take advantage of the current sale ➡ 72 Names The divine gift to mankind by Orna Ben-Shoshan What if someone told about a majestic tool that you can use every day in order to transform your life to the better? The mystical Kabbalah introduces us to many universal secrets, among them, 72 sets of three Hebrew letter combinations –the “72 Names of God”. These letter combinations constitute a direct connection between the spiritual and physical realms. Each one of them opens a vessel that connects you to the eternal spiritual abundance. What are “The 72 Names of God”? As we know, the (Hebrew) Bible is much more than a simple historical document. electricity and water In fact, it is a huge pool of encoded data in the form of prophecies, messages, and different names. The “72 Names of God” are encoded in the bible in the book of Exodus, chapter 14, in the famous story about the exodus from Egypt and the escape from the army of Pharaoh. In this chapter, there are three verses that describe how God miraculously parted the red sea and the children of Israel walked through the dry land. This mythological event proves the might of God in its full potency. Encoded in this historical story, lies one of the most valuable “jewels” of the Kabbalah: The three consecutive verses of chapter 14, contain 72 letters each. When the verses are written in one sequence, arranged in three rows and read from top to bottom, we get 72 sets of 3 letters each. These are the sacred 72 names of God. Throughout hundreds of years, Kabbalists have recognized the power of the 72 letter combinations as vessels through which the divine light is coming down into the physical realm. However, the existence and significance of the sacred 72 Names were undisclosed to most people along the centuries, and their secret was kept by very few. electricity consumption As the study of Kabbalah developed since the 12 th Century, these letter combinations were used by Kabbalah experts for different religious – mystical prayers and rituals, in order to open the soul to the light of the divine. They were also used in hand-written amulets for people who needed help to solve their problems. In modern Kabbalah study – most of the disclosed information about the sacred names unfolds, and the knowledge and implementation of the “72 Names of God” is available to all of us. The Kabbalah teaches that each one of the 72 names is capable of attracting its own unique energetic frequency that is needed in any given circumstance. electricity labs high school Mankind was awarded with a most powerful medium that helps anyone connect to the very source that nourishes our souls. The “72 Names of God” can be implemented on a daily basis to help us solve anything that arises in our life and needs correction. We can protect ourselves from danger, overcome challenges, negative energies, unexpected calamity, protect ourselves from the evil eye, we can remove barriers that separate us from fulfilling happiness, we can build up self-esteem, cure disease, open the gates to material success, loving relationships, connect to the divine and develop supernatural abilities, deliver knowledge and enhance peace on the personal and global levels. gas block dimple jig The “ 72 Names of God” create direct substantial transformation on the deepest spiritual level, which is reflected on the physical level. They have the ability to affect your spiritual DNA and create stable changes. How to incorporate the “72 Names” in daily life? If you suffer from an ongoing problem, then the first step is to solve the spiritual cause that created it, and the external symptoms will change by themselves. In order to do that, you will have to assimilate a certain letter combination in your consciousness on a daily basis, and persist until you see results.

For example: 1- If you feel low self-confidence, and every challenge seems impossible to overcome – meditate on the letter combination מ.נ.ד – Mem.Nun.Dalet – It will help you get rid of fears, overcome bashfulness, turn darkness into light, and help you bypass obstacles. 2- If you feel burdened by life, energy drainage, emptiness, or loss of joy, meditate on the letter combination ע.מ.ם – Ayin.Mem.Mem – It will induce enthusiasm, spirituality, devotion and inspiration. It will reinforce nourishment from the root of your soul and help dispel dullness. 3- For good fortune and improvement of your material gain, meditate on – ס.א.ל – Samech.Alef.Lamed – it is a powerful combination that will bring abundance and prosperity, fortune, wealth and benedictions. It helps remove financial blockages, promotes good livelihood, and elimination of debt. 4- To attract love into your life, and maintain good relationship, use the letter combination ש.א.ה – Shin.Alef.He – It is a powerful combination for finding the ideal match: marriage, unions, new friends, closeness to others, valuable relationships, developed imagination, spiritual growth, good business associations and mutual progression. While creating the “72 Names Cards”, I spent a few months of intense work with these majestic letter combinations. 2015 electricity rates The inner process I went through during this period was profound. I might say that I emerged from the other side as a new person. Working with the “72 Names of God” is not a religious practice, but a spiritual one. Instead of focusing on the differences that separate between people, let’s concentrate on a unifying factor that is elevated above the endless controversies, religions and faiths, and heal the human soul.