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NATIONAL – HBF seeks to influence all emerging national planning policy. It represents member company views on both formal consultations and at the many steering groups and working parties to which HBF contributes. electricity voltage in norway Once new policy is implemented HBF offers advice to members on its implementation. It facilitates forums and discussion to disseminate emerging best practice through regional steering groups, encouraging two way dialogue on emerging issues and trends, allowing members to discuss practical issues with their peers.

LOCAL – Following the publication the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), a new era of ‘localism’ based planning was ushered in whereby it is now up to each local planning authority to create a Local Development Plan to establish a robust evidence base for housing requirement for their area. In response to this, HBF, through our team of local planning experts, represents the industry at every Local Plan Inquiry and to many emerging local planning policy documents.

HBF’s main website is the main online portal for information about what is going on in the industry and the work that HBF is carrying out. electricity projects for 4th graders Both current and historic briefings, reports, publications, newsletters and press releases are stored and made accessible to members, including information on events, HBF groups and conferences. Alongside our social media accounts, such as on Twitter and LinkedIn, the website also serves as the publicfacing front of HBF, providing industry information for journalists and media organisations, politicians, industry stakeholders and members of the public.

In addition to this website, HBF also runs the New-Homes.co.uk website, an online property portal that advertises new homes for sale across the country. This is HBF’s consumer-facing website and is supported across social media, particularly on Twitter and Facebook. Boasting a significant online presence, the website provides a unique benefit allowing members to advertise their property listings for free.

Finally, HBF also operates the House Building Careers website, providing an excellent source of information to anyone interested in finding out more about careers in the industry and the best ways to apply. gas bloating back pain The website is supported across social media and is updated regularly with industry employee profiles, news stories and information on upcoming events.

HBF last year launched the Home Building Skills Partnership following our successful application for a £2.7m grant from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB). Since then we have established a leadership board of senior industry figures, recruited two members of staff for the Partnership and brought together and held meetings of the groups pushing the Partnership’s three work streams forward – attraction of people to the industry; training; and development of the supply chain. The Partnership has also already undertaken a number of detailed research projects that will inform its work.

We have also worked closely with CITB to ensure the industry position is taken into account by Government as it looks to introduce the Apprentice Levy and change apprenticeship funding. m gasbuddy app Our representations helped result in CITB announcing that it would offset the cost of the Apprenticeship Levy to companies due to pay it by increasing CITB grant payments funded by the CITB levy housebuilders already pay.

HBF works on the industry’s behalf to ensure the technical standards and Building regulations that the industry is required to build to are realistic and achievable. Throughout the year we will respond to a number of technical consultations and appear in front of select committees on various issues, such as the EFRA select committee inquiry on Future Flood Prevention; and the Defra /Ofwat consultation on charging for new water and sewerage connections.

One area with have had particular success with recently is the provision of broadband infrastructure to house building developments. We have worked closely with Openreach to resolve issues members have had on individual sites, while also liaising with them to ensure that changes are made to create a more favourable operating environment for house builders. b games zombie As a result of these discussions, the backlog of sites awaiting broadband connection has reduced significantly.

We have since launched an agreement with Openreach with regards to superfast broadband provision that now sees all sites of more than 30 units qualify for free superfast broadband connection over and above the standard service. We have also reached connection agreements with Virgin Media and UTC as alternative options for builders to access superfast services.

HBF has developed a close working relationship with the Welsh Government that allows us to directly influence emerging national housing and planning policy. We regularly attend a variety of Welsh Government forums, including the Council for Economic Renewal, which is chaired by the First Minister and provides a vital platform for ensuring the WG is fully aware of our concerns. HBF is also directly involved in the local planning framework in ales and attends all Local Development Plan Examinations on behalf of the home building industry. gas cap light We also work closely with a range of stakeholders and organisations on Technical matters, such as proposed changes to building regulations and we hold regular Technical Forums for our membership.

HBF was central in persuading the Welsh Government to launch its own Help to Buy Wales scheme for new build homes and is working with officials to monitor the operation of the scheme. By drawing on members’ experience with comparable schemes in England, HBF played a key role in ensuring the scheme’s introduction and ongoing implementation were smooth and successful.