Abs and door ajar indicators are on in my 2003 ford explorer. can they be reset world j gastrointest surg impact factor


2. At the end of the test, there should be a code pertaining to which door ajar switch is at fault. Try lubricating the door ajar switch and opening and closing the door several times to work the switch and see if the problem goes away. The liftgate has a switch for the glass and for the liftgate latch and both switches are wired in series, so either switch being faulty will only set one code for the liftgate ajar circuit.

4. If a scanner is not available to pull codes on the central security module, access the module behind the Right Hand (RH) "C" pillar. At connector C3008d (Grey 14 terminal connector) check pin 4 Yellow/Black (YE/BK) for the Left Front (LF) door, pin 5 Gray/Red (GY/RD) for the Right Front (RF) door, pin 11 Light Green/Yellow (LG/YE) for the Left Rear (LR) door, pin 6 Pink/Light Blue (PK/LB) wire for the Right Rear (RR) door, and pin 12 White/Violet (WH/VT) for the liftgate. All wires should be grounded with the doors closed. If any are not, access the switch in question, jump the wires and recheck. If still not grounded, verify the Black (BK) wire at the switch is a good ground. If the ground is OK, check the wire between the central security module and the door ajar switch for an open circuit.

Some possible reasons why your ABS light is on could be a blown fuse or relay so check these items and also wiring for shorts. If all else fails to fix your problem you most likely have a faulty brake pressure switch that needs to be replaced. Good luck.

A typical example is a Ford GEM module (Generic Electronic Module). Ford started using these in the mid-to-late 1990s in various cars, minivans and light trucks. It is essentially a body control module it terms of what it actually does, though the list of control functions will vary depending on the vehicle application and its options. Some of the control functions include interior lighting, daytime running lamps, power windows, warning chimes and lamps, rear window defroster, windshield wipers and washers, perimeter anti-theft alarm, remote keyless entry and battery saver functions. The module may be located behind the fuse panel under the dash (Ford F-series trucks) or in the engine compartment near the power center. If a Ford GEM module has to be replaced (which can happen if water infiltrates and corrodes the electronics inside the black box), it usually requires a part number that is specific to the customer’s vehicle. To further complicate matters, Ford says their GEM modules need to be programmed after they have been installed so they will function correctly. But some are simply plug and play and will work right out of the box. Many modules on many different makes and models of vehicles do require either preprogramming for a specific vehicle application or VIN code, or have to undergo some type of initialization or learning procedure (which may require a scan tool) after they have been installed before they will function normally. If a DIY customer doesn’t know this, they may think the replacement module you sold them is no good and bring it back with a warranty claim.