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They let us walk around on a REAL VOLCANO, the most active one in New Zealand! We suspect that such an adventure would not be permitted in the Good Ol’ USofA e85 gas stations in san antonio tx, where we protect citizens from themselves and fear getting sued if something goes wrong. Before paying or getting on the boat, we had to read a disclaimer that clarified the risks and assured us that the Tour Company would resist any law suits to the full extent of the law. Neat! One possibility they made us well aware of in advance was that the departure time might be changed, or the trip canceled entirely due to weather or increased activity of the volcano itself. Sure enough, they called us the evening before and asked us to arrive what is electricity an hour early due to the tide schedule. The weather was perfect, and the volcano a little more active than normal (dandy!) but not so much that the trip was canceled. The only slightly-negative element is that we asked them to charge our credit card in US dollars. They did the currency conversion on the spot and it appears they used a very conservative exchange rate, perhaps 10% worse than we had gotten from pre-paid credit card payments we’d made from home, and worse than even the cash we got through our bank in our small home town. We suspect it would be more gas out game directions economical to get cash before the trip and pay in NZ dollars. Of course, if saving money were our only goal, we could have stayed home. The big boat carried us north about 90 minutes but is too big to get right up to White Island. A motorized rubber dingy took us to shore in two groups. Even getting onto the island itself was a little heroic (well gas city indiana newspaper, interesting at least … maybe heroic is too strong). We had to stand on the edge of the dingy, climb up a decrepit ladder made of some old pieces of wood attached to a big block of concrete that served as a dock, then scramble across a bunch of rounded boulders to reach solid sand. On the big boat, they issued us hard hats, yellow for customers, orange for Staff, and red for the Overall Fearless Leader, who this day happened to be a great host and story teller, the manager of all the Pee-Jay Tours (they electricity and circuits class 6 cbse have three boats and various destinations). We had to wear these all the time we were on shore, and seeing the large rocks that had been thrown from the explosive crater, we were glad to comply. I hit my head leaving the big boat … no problem! Maybe I should wear a hard hat all the time? They also electricity quiz for grade 5 gave us gas masks; these were optional, but in fact we were all very glad to use them a good part of the time, depending on which way the wind was blowing. Well before we reached White Island, we could see the steam/smoke rising and blowing off to the east. But once on the island we saw it was coming out of many holes and cracks in addition to the large central crater. It was exciting to walk among these electricity water analogy animation fumaroles, gurgling mud pots, boiling springs, etc. Many were surrounded by bright yellow sulphur deposits, near which the ground was too hot to touch. When electricity fallout 4 we caught a whiff of the pungent sulphur fumes we quickly put on our masks. And near the main crater it was hard to see, and hard to breathe even with the masks. Nobody got very close, but had the wind been blowing from our backs we could have gone right up to the edge. After our hike, we returned by way of the ruins of the sulphur extracting building and machinery near the dock. The broken concrete walls, rusty drums and retorts, huge gears, and other debris were great photo ops. Back on the boat, we were given what Pee-Jay advertised as light box lunches that turned out to be tasty and fully adequate. Due to the tide-induced early schedule, we got back to Whakatane with time to see chapter 7 electricity several other things that afternoon. Overall, a delightful experience we’ll never forget!