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We were a group of 3 on a 1 day ride. In total the group was 7 as we joined a group of 4. First the bad points. The facilities for changing is totally find a gas station close to me unacceptable. You have to change in the garage where the bikes are stored and repaired on an extremely dirty greasy floor, there is a large area outside that is under construction and has been for a long time, where a temporary changing room could be easily and cheaply be formed, no excuses here. The kit needs renewing, buckles missing from boots, knee pads stretched beyond fitting and helmets could do with a good clean. I’m saving the worst for last – the bikes can only be described as awful. Stands do not work ( lean against a tree or something ), no electric start, no neutral light, temperamental tick over. I don’t think there was 1 decent bike amongst us all. Unfortunately my friend had a minor slow off, I couldn’t get off to help as no stand, couldn’t find neutral and scared to turn off the bike as you don’t know if it will start – very frustrating. We then all waited while trying get to bump start the bike on a gravel track not fun or easy and very knackering. I’m not a mechanic but a battery must be one gas constant of the cheapest items to maintain? On the up side our guide Jose was excellent very friendly and relaxed. The routes were very scenic and a bit challenging but spoiled by the machines. I’ve been on 3 off road days here in England and they have been superb. This place needs to seriously pull it’s socks up. I would not recommend.

First of all, thank you for providing your review. We welcome feedback both positive and negative as this helps us to improve the service we provide. So glad you enjoyed the day, and you found the guide, Jose excellent, friendly and relaxed and that the trails he took you on were challenging for your level. The exciting thing about riding dirt bikes in Spain origin electricity account is that it is not the UK with its manicured green lanes and squeaky clean bike sheds, this is real Spain, with dust and gravel, pure off road adventure! As an analogy, we like to give our riders paella not a Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding. As we have just moved bike base admittedly there are still some minor tweaks to make, but we pride ourselves with running a clean and safe experience for all our riders without the frills that come with a higher price 4 gas giants. Having said that the gear is washed and clean after each use and the bikes maintained regularly. In summary, riders come to us in Spain because they want something raw, wild, exciting, basic and down to earth, because that is what true dirt biking is all about.

We were a group of 3 and did the Surf Turf 4 days of riding. We were expecting more off road riding, we spent a lot of riding hours on paved and fire gas efficient suv 2014 roads. We are Pro dirt bike rider and this type of riding is really just a tour. There was no difficult track, and very little single tracks. Anyone can do this riding it is very easy and you need very little experience on a motorcycle to be able to follow the guide. Gram and Jose are really nice they will try to please you the best they can. I’m giving a 3 star because of the bike maintenance, as I said we are expert so we know how a bike should be setup. A few repair had to be done during the 4 days we were there just because the maintenance wasn’t done properly. The bike should have been ready to ride for 4 days without maintenance. It’s not right that when the client is there to ride maintenance has to be done the morning you start riding or everyday. Maintenance such as changing a sprocket, changing brake rotors, changing wheel bearings, adjusting throttle cable, adjusting chain tension, fixing brake pedal that is not working. One bike electricity multiple choice questions grade 9 lost the rear axle while riding, the bolt wasn’t torqued to the proper setting. Bike suspension need to be maintained too, they don’t seem to follow KTM recommendation at all. The bikes appears to be very tired, lots of vibrating. Those issue would not bother a regular rider, but as expert you are more concern, you have to be careful how fast you ride those bikes. The gear was also not really good, very tired, old boots that felt apart, old pants, old jersey, old helmets. I would recommend bringing your own gear. Your gear will not be washed everyday you will keep the same gear for the whole riding. We had a different hotel everyday, they were elektricity club very good hotels. The first hotel (posada-laplaza) didn’t have much of hot water this was annoying. The food was amazing at all hotels and restaurants. The breakfast and Lunch were included and they were all in very good local corner restaurants. There was lots of food, we didn’t ride empty stomach. Gram was more of a slow rider and was not bringing us in the more difficult areas. Jose was a better guide for expert rider, If your Expert dirt biker’s I would recommend to request Jose as your guide. Over all it was a great experience, we would do it again, better maintained bike, better gear, and more offroad riding instead of road would have made this an amazing trip.

Thank you for taking the time to write us a review and we really appreciate the feedback from you as it helps us to fine tune our service so as to improve and make the whole adventure more enjoyable for our riders. As you stated you industrial electricity prices by state are “expert riders ” and because of this you felt the trails were a little too tame. That is a fair comment. We in the main cater for trailbike riders who enjoy the terrain we ride on. We do take the safety of our riders and the villages very seriously building in more advanced riding sections to add to the excitement of the trails. We endeavour at all times to ride legally to comply with Spanish law We do allow riders to bring their own gear for added comfort. We wash all gear at the end of each tour, to make sure it is clean and fresh but we cannot possibly wash each night, especially on a tour from hotel to hotel…hope you weren’t too smelly! The bikes are always maintained and checked over, sometimes in busy periods this has to be done quickly electricity pictures. We set the bikes to match the terrain and trail bike riding. Breakages do happen and gas laws worksheet answers chemistry we get these fixed as soon as possible with the least disruption to the day. One thing we pride ourselves in regarding the gear and the bikes is that we do not charge for breakages and damage! If we were to do so then this would be reflected in a much higher price for all. We are really glad that the few negatives didn’t overshadow the whole experience and all said and done, you felt it was “a great experience” and that the hotels and food were to your liking and standard. We have carefully selected these hotels based on their rustic feel and typical Spanish cuisine. Thanks again for riding with us and we hope you had a safe return journey home.