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We had one of the best days out with Wavelength. Our group of 4 went out on one of the top 5 days apparently of the year to go, the sea was calm, no wind and the water was crystal clear! We were particularly impressed with the knowledge and enthusiasm of the crew, especially Marine Biologist Chris Jones. He was extremely knowledgeable and made himself available for questions on all electricity manipulation aspects of the area and the reef. He also is the photographer for the day and he made himself available to everyone so that anyone who wanted a picture (or multiples!) could do so. He made the day a fantastic one and it was amazing to watch him dive and hold his breath for so long and take such beautiful photos. Wavelength only does snorkelling gas lighting in small groups so it meant that we were able to have a great hands on experience without mobs of people ruining it, exactly the reason why we went with Wavelength and not one of the bigger guys. Would suggest that you listen to everything that is said, these guys know what they’re doing out there so it is foolish if you don’t follow their instructions! Other than that the day was extremely easy going and electric utility companies charge customers for we had an absolutely wonderful day. These guys are professional and personable, would definitely go with these guys again. More Show less

So many great things have been written about Wavelength in these reviews that I don’t really need to reiterate most of them, but for those that are wondering if younger kids are capable of participating on one of these excursions, I can tell you about our experience. My wife and I and two kids aged 12 and 6 just went out with Wavelength(Dec. 18th) and had the time of our lives. We couldn’t possibly have asked for a better day. We were a little apprehensive as to how our six year old girl would make gas zone pricing out, but she loved it. Having two biologists on board allowed them to offer a couple versions of guided tours. One for the more adventurous and another slower paced. This was great for us as my wife and daughter were able to hang back a little without missing out on anything. The personalized service was z gas el salvador numero de telefono great. Thank you Vanessa. Now, we did have the benefit of being out on a perfect day. The water was flat calm so the only thing we needed to deal with was a mild current. If there was a larger swell our daughter may have struggled a little and not have enjoyed it, but as luck would have it, our day was stellar and both kids and adults had a fabulous time. Hope this helps anyone trying to decide if they should take their kids out with Wavelength.

We traveled out to the reef on both the Poseidon Dive and Snorkel boat and the Wavelength Snorkel boat gas efficient suv 2013. We enjoyed our time on Poseidon, however our experience on Wavelength blew Poseidon out of the water. Poseidon is a large boat, which caters mainly to divers, whereas Wavelength focuses on the snorkeling experience. It takes you to the best sites to see the most beautiful coral and creatures, as they are solar powered and in the shallows. Wavelength also provides a guided snorkel tour with a marine biologist, which guarantees you’ll see the most, because their expert eye is able to point out things you may otherwise miss. For instance on our trip we saw the elusive cuttlefish, a squid, reef sharks and the regal angelfish, which usually swims away and hides. One of the reefs we went to was Turtle Bay, and our guide led on q gas station okc us to see six turtles, including the beautiful Big Girl, whom we swam alongside. We felt like we were in Finding Nemo gas explosion in texas. As for Coral quality, Wavelength took us to Opal Reef, recognized by National Geographic as some of the best coral in the world. Compared to Poseidon’s sites, which although they are on the pristine outer Agincourt reefs are handpicked for the best diving, rather than snorkeling experience. We went to three reefs and the first two were deep, with scary currents. The last reef was beautiful, but our time in the water was brief and we didn’t get to fully enjoy the coral. There is no guided tour electricity khan academy with Poseidon, you are left to your own devices, which you might prefer, but if you really want to see the cool stuff, it’s helpful to have an expert with you. The crews on both Poseidon and Wavelength were knowledgeable and friendly, but on Poseidon we felt like we were more of a number than a name. The crew on Wavelength is not only passionate about the reef, but about their guests as well. The smaller numbers on Wavelength make for a more personal experience. Wavelength recommends wearing the Lycra suit year round for sun protection, while Poseidon only uses it during stinger season. We spoke to other snorkelers who did other tours that don’t use the suits and their stories of sunburn were horrific. Wavelength not only recommends the suit for sun protection, but also to minimize your use of sunscreen, which is toxic for 5 gases found in the environment coral. We appreciated the ease and comfort of the Lycra suits. The food is great on both boats, they keep you well fed and hydrated for the duration of the trip. Both boats have a photographer taking pictures of your day, however Poseidon was a rip-off. Poseidon charges $35.00 for 3 photos or $20 for 1 print or $65 for 100 plus 5 of your choice. Wavelength only charges $30 for 5 gases that come from car emissions 300 photos, including 100 of their best ever images and however many pictures of yourself you want. Overall, Wavelength completely exceeded our expectations. They are our number one recommendation and our first choice for an unforgettable day on the reef. Beth and Michelle from Melbourne and Canada.