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The Abtronic belt is intended to assist the user in strengthening their core, toning up the abdominal area, and improve overall fitness. However, the device does not seem to generate results which the manufacturer claims it does, and many users do not recommend this device. Judging from the consumer complaints and customer feedback, it seems there are various issues to consider.

If you are ready to increase your stamina levels, improve muscle strength and enhance overall vitality, it is advisable you go with a product that uses clinically tested ingredients, comes with good customer care service, and that sells its items at an affordable price. Whenever possible, users should test any item before purchasing.

To some users, the Abs stimulator does not deliver good results, while to others, it works well. The stimulator generates small and gentle electrical pulses that are conveyed inside the belt and then to your skin through electro muscle stimulation, causing the muscle to contract and relax. The impulses of Ab toner imitate those of natural exercise. Therefore, by having a healthy diet on a daily basis for approximately 3 to 4 weeks, results should begin to show. [3] [5]

AbTronic is a distinct brand within the EMS industry and claims to be recognized for cutting-edge fitness solutions. With 15 years of experience in the healthcare and EMS technology industry, the company strives to bring the best items to its clients. It builds effective, proven, and safe products that are established to the greatest industry standards.

The Ab Energizer should help you quickly lose fat in stubborn areas. EMS is used by specialized physiotherapists for muscular rehabilitation, and it is currently applied to recreational slimming devices. You should only need to use the toning belt for merely 10 minutes a day, and the device has minimal or no side effects. [6] Details On Abtronic And Weight Loss

Electro Muscle Stimulation or EMS technology was formerly developed for physiotherapists to assist patients suffering from muscle injuries. The technology is not commonly used in the fitness industry to get you those abs you have been seeking. As for Abtronic, the company engineers have taken technology to another level and developed Abtronic x2, which is a new generation machine.

EMS has been scientifically proven to work, and a study conducted in one of the Universities showed that the electro-muscle stimulation technology that is applied in the Abtronic x2 is nearly seven times more effective when compared to ab exercises. Thermographic imaging attested that the electronic Ab machine produces superior muscle stimulation when compared to ordinary exercise.

In the unique dual-channel technology, the exercise belt or EMS belt is referred as ‘X2’ since it takes your workout to another extreme level. The stimulator features conductive pads on the front and the back, and as per the Abtronic x2 review, the machine is a toning belt that focuses on two separate muscle groups simultaneously, strengthening your core and getting the best out of your exercise workout.

The Abtronic x2 belt is ideal for various fitness levels since it is applied in eight different body workouts by using short to long muscle contractions or deep pulsations. It features a soothing and therapeutic massage to an intense workout with 80 various programs that take approximately 10 minutes a day. Abtronic x2 streamlines other body parts by tightening and shaping your glutes, firming and lifting your chest, and also working on your neck and shoulders.

There has been an Abtronic advertisement which Danoz Direct confessed to being deceptive, misleading and breaching the Trade Practices Act. The advertisement claimed the stimulator contained a fat and cellulite blaster setting which enabled working on fat and not on user’s muscles. It also claimed that the electric Ab belt could flatten a stomach permanently within the 10 minutes of use, which according to the advertisement, is equivalent to 600 sit-ups.

Due to the legal action that proceeded, Danoz Direct offered to withdraw the Abtronic items and confirmed they would not be selling the company’s products in future. Also, the litigation determined Danoz Direct had to destroy the existing stock and commit not to sell such electronic muscle stimulation devices in the future. According to Danoz Direct, users of the Ab toner should not expect any benefits from using the item.

In another case, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission also went to court, seeking to force Abtronic to pull its commodities from the market. The case targeted two other companies in the U.S. that were involved in the marketing of the Ab Energizer and Fast Abs products.

According to FTC, the television ads from the three firms provided false information that promised users “fat loss and inch loss” as well as well-defined abs, with depictions such as “washboard” and “six pack.” The advert also portrayed users of the product as having an experience equal or superior to doing sit-ups or crunches. [12]

The electronic Ab machine is recognized by FDA and is designed to help the user work on their core and get toned, making the user look slimmer. It has a newer version, Slendertone Abs5, which comes with ten programs and over 100 intensity settings combined. Bio-Medical Research is the company behind Slendertone, a slimming belt which has been around for over 50 years. Flex Belt

This belt provides patented EMS technology that effectively operates to tighten and tone abdominal muscles through daily 30-minute use. You can use the Ab energizer anywhere and anytime. The EMS technology is the first of its type to be FDA-approved and is far above the competition. Users now seeking to strengthen or tone their stomach muscles can use Flex Belt stimulator, which is backed by science.

The Ab toner has been around since 2008, and apart from being cleared by the FDA, it has been endorsed by well-known icons and fitness trainers. You can buy it from the official website or other retail websites such as Amazon. What Users Are Saying