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“Guardian”– means the person or body responsible for the care of the Student while he/she is in the UK. The responsibilities of the Guardian will include caring for the Student as would a responsible and caring parent by, for example, being in regular contact with the Student and providing advice and support as necessary. Responsibilities also include being authorised to make certain decisions concerning the Student on your behalf, for example, decisions regarding emergency medical and dental treatment and matters of a disciplinary nature. Further details are set out in section 7 below.

“Student Expenses Account”– is an account held by us, and to which you make regular payments, as set out in section 8.3 below. The money in this account is to be used to cover expenses incurred by the Student during their time here, or when they are with the Homestay Host or by us on behalf of the Student, for example: homestay host accommodation, transport costs, outings, mobile phone vouchers, pocket money.

5.2 Authority: You confirm that you authorise Academic Guardians UK to act as a Guardian for the Student whilst they are in the UK. You confirm that you authorise Academic Guardians UK to select and appoint a suitable Homestay Host Families and in good faith, to decide any matter (including emergency medical, dental treatment and matters of a disciplinary nature) that may affect the Student’s welfare. You also confirm that you will notify us in writing of any special consent to be given or withheld while the Student is in our care i.e. guidelines on going out with friends, pocket money limits, participation in dangerous sports and activities.

5.5 Disclosures: You confirm that you have already provided and will continue to provide us with details of any medical conditions(including allergies), health problems, disability, special educational needs, or learning difficulties, including behavioural, emotional and/or social difficulties. You confirm that the details you have provided and will continue to provide are complete and accurate in all respects. You confirm that you will inform us immediately if these details change, or if your own circumstances or contact details change.

5.8 Behaviour: The student must obey the laws of the United Kingdom, especially regarding alcohol, tobacco and drugs. The student must comply with the rules of the School, the Guardian and those set by the Homestay Host where applicable. electricity usage calculator Great emphasis is placed on good behaviour, courtesy, integrity, good discipline and respect for the needs and cultural differences of others. electricity meme You understand that your child needs to be well behaved and respectful to us, the Homestay Host and their home, will attend each school day, will be punctual and will work hard.

5.9 Photographs: From time to time we would like to take photographs of the for use in marketing materials and case studies. By entering into this Agreement you consent to our taking and using photographs of the Student for these purposes. If you do not wish us to take or use photographs of the Student, please specify this to us in writing when you return the signed copy of this Agreement.

7.2 Appointment of a Homestay Host Family: We agree to select and appoint a Homestay Host Family that is known to us, as defined in section 2 above, to provide accommodation and meals for the Student. We provide the Homestay Host Family with a Code of Practice. In the unlikely event that the Student is unhappy with the Homestay Host arrangement, we will do what is reasonable to mediate and, if necessary, to find an alternative Homestay Host Family.

7.3 Safeguarding: We undertake to carry out appropriate checks as to the suitability of the Homestay Host Family, including DBS checks, on all persons over the age of 16 living in the Homestay Host Family home. We will carry out an interview and an assessment of the Homestay Host Family, in the family home and we will request personal and professional references.

7.6 Contact with the School: We will maintain good contact with the Student’s School, ensure attendance by a representative of Academic Guardians UK at all parents’ evenings subject to the guardian package selection and school events where reasonably possible and requested by you. We cannot accept responsibility for educational and pastoral matters arising at School, but will provide assistance where possible.

7.7 Contact with you and the Student: We will keep in regular contact with the Student, be contactable always in case of an emergency and respond accordingly. We will maintain regular contact with you and keep you updated on a regular basis as to the Student’s progress at school and with the Homestay Host Family. We will notify you as soon as possible in the event of a serious problem. We will provide a 24-hour emergency contact service for the benefit of you and the student.

This agreement outlines the responsibilities of a Homestay Host Family and AGUK to ensure that young people coming to the UK to attend a British boarding school have a successful and fulfilling experience both in and out of school. Please read this document and sign and return it to confirm your acceptance of this agreement and the standards expected of homestay host families at all times. Whilst being Educational Guardians to International students AGUK maintains its mission for diversity to be a core part of all that it does. As a company we place a strong emphasis on the common values that all communities share, such as, self-respect, understanding, tolerance and the value of life. All persons involved with AGUK should embrace the importance to respect and value diversity, as well as understanding how to make safe, well-considered decisions. gas 0095 download We expect our homestay hosts to support us with this and ensure that all students who stay with them feel accepted, safe and welcome.

Academic Guardians UK (AGUK) is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults and expects all homestay hosts to share this commitment. The safety and welfare of children means identifying, reporting and protecting children from any form of abuse. Full copies of our policies and procedures are made available to all our Homestay Host Families via the Homestay Host Portal and should be read and referred to on an ongoing basis with reference to – 1. Safeguarding Policy 2. Child Protection Policy 3. Missing Child Policy, 4. Complaints Policy 5. electricity jeopardy 4th grade Data Protection Policy

Supporting our students’ safety, wellbeing and academic progress is our focus and priority. Regardless of the guardianship package you select, we work very closely with the schools to achieve this. During term time we are in continuous contact with the houseparents, monitoring our students’ progress. We relay any arrangements, developments (whether social or academic) or updates with parents and education agents on an ongoing basis. This support begins at registration with students and parents being provided with welcome packs, ensuring they have all the necessary information and access to resources that they need for the start of their UK Education journey. All our students are visited according to the chosen guardianship package in their schools, giving us the opportunity to talk face-to-face with them and the houseparents as part of the continued support & monitoring process. At Academic we work closely with tutors across the country, so if the student requires additional tuition during half terms or end of terms this is easily arranged.

A large part of our guardianship service is based around the provision of safely vetted, checked and carefully matched homestay arrangements for students. This could be during the exeat weekends; half term holidays and on occasion the start/end of term. Prior to each homestay arrangement our students are sent a full profile of the host family. hp gas online This includes photographs of the host(s) and detailed pictures of their homes, including the bedroom and living areas of the house.

In addition, our account managers send detailed summary forms, containing the full booking information, including – dates; outbound & return times; meeting points; host family contact details and the method of transport for each student in their care. This form will be sent to agents (if applicable) and school houseparents. Nearer the time a confirmation text will also be sent to the student’s phone detailing all the relevant information above.

Where and as much as possible we try and keep students with the same host families to ensure continuity. From time to time this is not always possible. Rest assured though when staying with a new host family for the first time our students can always expect a welcome email, text or call as an introduction and to extend you an Academic Guardians UK welcome. To find out more about the process involved in becoming a host family with Academic Guardians please click on the link.