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As the astute among us may have already conjectured, the Switch Alpha 12 comes with a 12-inch screen, only slightly smaller than the Surface Pro 4’s 12.3 inch screen. It features 2160 x 1440 resolution, nearly as crisp as that of the Macbook Retina. The system’s profile and set-up is similar to other hybrids in that the keyboard is detachable and there is a system for propping up the tablet for a laptop-like experience. But the Switch Alpha 12 is different in that it features an easily-accessed “kickstand” for the tablet screen electricity jeopardy that pops right out as opposed to requiring flimsy-feeling buttons or latches as some other hybrids do. Importantly, the full-size keyboard comes with it right out of the box, not as a $100-plus add-on as it does with Microsoft.

Weighing in at 2.76 pounds or 1.25 kilograms with the keyboard and 1.98 pounds or about gas vs diesel generator 900 grams as a stand-alone tablet puts it smack-dab in the middle of Apple’s 11-inch and 13-inch Macbook Air models–which makes sense, given that it is a 12-inch model. And it is remarkably slim, at a mere 0.37 inches or 9.5mm as a tablet, and about double that with the keyboard. But perhaps most intriguing is the aforementioned fanless design, featuring the company’s patented liquid cooling system. Features

However Acer has stepped up to the plate here by doing something even the big boys haven’t contemplated yet by creating their LiquidLoop Cooling system. They claim the closed-loop liquid system uses the heat of the coolant as it expands into gas to keep the entire system moving, dissipating heat as it circulates throughout the system. This allows Acer to forgo external radiators or pumps like you find on the much more massive ASUS GX700 gaming system. And although most laptop users probably don’t really notice the sound of a fan running on their machines–simply due to the ubiquity of such background noise–the lack gas finder app of that sound is definitely a noticeable relief when using the Switch Alpha 12.

The keyboard is one of the finest features of the Switch Alpha 12, featuring short travel with 1.4mm actuation and sharp feedback, enough so that you will easily be able to transfer your typing skills from your native PC or laptop to this machine. As stated previously, the magnetic grips that attach the keyboard to the tablet component provide a good, solid link, so much so that they a reluctant to come apart even electricity bill saudi electricity company under pressure–but that’s a good thing, especially if you’ve ever used a hybrid with a loose connection that forever seems to want to detach.

Featuring a screen resolution of 2160 x 1440, the 12-inch QHD IPS touchscreen packs a bright, crisp look suitable for movie viewing as well as light gaming. It has tremendous maximum brightness, and the colors are rich and lively. The aspect ratio of 4:3 is in keeping with the current standard for tablet/laptop hybrids as set by the Surface Pro 4. a nice touch from the folks at Acer is that the kickstand allows the screen to tilt back nearly horizontal, to 165 degrees, allowing tremendous flexibility for use while standing, sitting at odd angles, in bed, etc. The audio is respectable, with front electricity pick up lines facing speakers that provide a pleasantly surprising richness and full sound.

The sides of the tablet feature one USB 3.0 port and a USB-C 3.1 port, allowing you to transfer data or stream video to external devices and displays seamlessly. Each of the ports is rated to power other items as well. The rear-facing webcam is a full HD, 5MP camera with 2592 x 1944 resolution, more than enough for not only video conferencing, but also for recording more artistic videos, such as musical performances. The front-facing camera is no slouch either, with a respectable 2MP HD resolution.

Boasting 8GB of RAM to go with that Intel Core processor, the performance on the Switch Alpha 12 can definitely hang with any among the competition in terms of performance. And the versatility offered by having the varying options for processors means that a budget-conscious college student could be just as satisfied with an i3 model as a professional video editor could be with the electricity sound effect mp3 free download i7.

Intel’s integrated HD Graphics 520 provides sharp clean images and video, with 24 execution units clocked at 1050 MHz. While the lack of dedicated graphics memory or DRAM means it has to access the main memory–hence the “integrated” part of its name–the performance consistently comes in very good according to most testers. The fastest version, running on the Core i7, compares favorably with the Nvidia electricity generation definition GeForce 820M, plenty of graphics speed for the type of uses a laptop hybrid is meant for. Battery Life

The battery life on the Switch Alpha 12 is typical for a machine of this class, coming in at a respectable 8 hours or so according to Acer. But some early testers reported that they had beaten that mark; heat being the enemy of power, there’s a strong possibility that the liquid-cooling system will be able to ensure even longer battery life in the real world.