Acsd board of directors approves heating system analysis at east elementary school following discovery of pipe leak the standard newspaper gas yourself in car


The Allamakee Community School District (ACSD Board of Directors held a special meeting Tuesday morning, May 8. One item was struck from the original agenda for the meeting, that being the recommendation to approve an offered but not taught exemption for the Health II course.

Under personnel matters, the board approved hiring Patrick Mahr as additional summer maintenance help at 28.75 hours per week, and approval was also given to the transfer of Josh Hager from his current night custodian position to the day custodian position at Waukon High School. The board also hired Sarah Ferguson as the PK-5 art/computer teacher and Joanne Ericson as the 7-12 business/technology teacher. Approval was also given by the board to the distribution of Teacher Salary Supplement (TSS) carry-over money to all eligible staff, based on full-time employment of staff members.

In other matters, the board approved the usage of the high school football field for the annual Fields of Faith event scheduled to take place Wednesday, October 10 of this year. An out-of-state field trip to Baltimore, MD for the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) National Convention was also approved for Waukon High School FBLA chapter members.

Buildings and Grounds Director Bill Hennessy explained that there have been some issues with the heating system at East Elementary School in Waukon involving some steam and hot water leaks withing the heating system pipes. He showed the board a piece of leaky pipe that was removed. Hennessy said it was fortunate that the leak was up high, and he explained that he has concerns that a steam or hot water leak could happen at eye level or lower and that there could be a possibility that students could come in contact with the steam or hot water, further noting that the pipes are “pretty old” in the school.

“The boilers are only around 10 years old, so we would hate to get rid of them,” Hennessy noted in contrast to the age of the pipes used within the system. He stated that he had spoken to two firms regarding an analysis of the heating system and what the district’s options may be. One firm was KCL, who is currently also involved with the Waukon Middle School/West Elementary School electrical project, and their cost estimate would be $7,500 to $8,000. He noted that the other firm he spoke with quoted him $8,000 to $12,000 for the analysis.

Hennessy noted that this analysis would encompass more time than just being a summer project. When asked how old the piece of pipe that had been replaced was, Hennessy thought that it was an original piece of pipe, so figured it had been in place since 1952.

Board member Tom Baxter noted that with projects like pipe replacement, “Once you start, you never stop.” Considering safety concerns with students having access to the pipes and other heating issues, the board approved hiring KCL to do the analysis.

The board then approved a resolution to dispose of property at Waterville Elementary School, that being the propane tank on the school property. The board then set Monday, May 21 at 7 a.m. as the time for the public hearing regarding the sale of the LP tank with vaporizer, located at the Waterville Elementary school property.