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Acton was once a busy town as it had a blacksmith shop, a hardware store, a veterinarian, three drug stores, a bank, a telephone exchange, three grocery stores, a train depot, a pool hall, a livery stable, a funeral home, a general store, a post office, two restaurants, a school, a canning factory, three churches, three gas stations, a campground, a Ford dealership, an International tractor dealership, a lumber gas finder rochester ny yard and even a grain elevator with a feed mill.

One of the grocery stores, owned by Charles Swails, was in the Knights Of Pythias building that sat on the northeast side of Exchange Street next to the railroad tracks. After this building was destroyed by fire, a new building which currently houses the Dinner Bell market was built in 1963 at 11146 Exchange St. Ned Wheatley operated this store from 1965 until May 23 1967. The second grocery store, owned by Haskell Higgins and later Darryl Garrigus, was located gas after eating yogurt in the former International Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F) building which still stands at 7721 Swails St. A third grocery store, was located across from the former blacksmith shop, and was owned and operated by Harry E. Rouse, circa 1935.

The blacksmith shop, formerly at 11111 Exchange St, was owned and operated by Virgil Russell, who retired from blacksmithing in 1970, and sold the building to Clifford A. (Cookie pass gas in spanish) Kight in 1977. The building now houses Cookies Auto Body Shop. A hardware store was also located in this building and was operated by Charles Martin from 1948 until 1978.

The general store with a shoe repair, was owned by Charles Arthur Morris, and was located at 11116 Exchange St. Charles ran the store from about 1905 until 1940. The building was later used as the Hess grocery bakery, a barber shop, a pool hall and eventually a sheet metal fabrication shop known as the Jedway corporation from 1950 until 1975. It is now the location of Bikini studios.

The Acton grain elevator was located at 11028 McGregor Rd, across from the current Toby Tielking auto repair. It was owned by Wade gas house edwards Fair and E.T. Burnside. Business began November 1 1940. The grain elevator was destroyed by fire on the evening of September 26, 1973. Bates Feed Mill was located across the railroad tracks at 11043 McGregor Rd. It too succumbed to fire on February 13, 1974. In the 1960s their phone number was UNiversity 2-6416.

The Acton drug store was located in the former Masonic building (built in 1874) at 11139 Exchange St, around 1914. The Huffman drug store was located at the corner of Swails and House streets. This location was destroyed by fire in 1947 and was not rebuilt. The third drug store was located in the former Knights Of Pythias electricity billy elliot backing track building that succumbed to a fire on April 23, 1962. Approximately $22,000 worth of drug store merchandise on the second floor was lost in the fire, while the building itself suffered $30,000 of damage. At the time of the fire, Lawrence Wilcher owned the building, and the drug store belonged to Jack and Vivian Poe. The drug store had been in this location since June 1949. Don King, who was a veterinarian, also had a business in this building from 1960 until 1962.

The Acton campground was located at the corner of Southport and Acton roads, next to the railroad. Established in 1859 by the Indianapolis district of the camp electricity games meeting association of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and plotted on 40 acres of land, it held 110 cottages, a pavilion a two story hotel and even a lake for bathing, boating and fire protection. Mostly used for religious meetings, it was used for a source of entertainment. During the civil war, it was temporarily used as a medical center for the wounded. Many people traveled by horse and buggy, train or the interurban national gas average 2007 to attend the campground. Famous speakers such as William Jennings Bryan, made several guest appearances. Tragically, on November 12 1905, sparks from a passing train started a fire that burned many trees, all of the cottages and the pavilion. Only the hotel was spared. A lawsuit was filed against the railroad but nothing came of it. The land was later divided and sold. Most of the homes on Little Oak Lane are on the land where the cottages and pavilion once stood. The other 23 acres of the former Acton campground was purchased by Indy parks and recreation in 2004. A monument was erected as a tribute to the former campground.

There were three gas stations in Acton. One was formerly at the corner of Exchange Street and McGregor grade 6 electricity test Road. Another was formerly at Acton Road and Virgil Street owned by Charles McDonald. The third was a bulk plant, service station and garage located at 7638 Acton Road. It was owned by Ralph and Wilma Dyar prior to 1962 when it was sold to Green Arthur Jr. and Margie Settle where they named it Settle’s Oil Service and sold Marathon fuel products. A tanker truck was used to deliver heating oil to residents with oil furnaces. From 1972 until 1979, Jr. also operated a lawn garden shop inside of the station, selling John Deere, Lawn Boy and Snapper mowers and parts. After the mower business ended, Jr’s son Steven and his wife Sheryl continued to manage and operate the service station and bulk plant until they sold the business to Michael and Shelia Walker in 1983. Renamed Mikes Marathon, they continued to deliver heating oil electricity static electricity to homes, in addition to performing mechanical repairs to automobiles in a single stall garage bay, and managing a full service filling station. In November 2016 it was sold to a new owner as the Walkers had retired to Estero, Florida, and the original building was demolished. A new self serve station was built on the same site, and opened electricity vocabulary for business in 2018.

Of the three churches constructed in Acton, only one is still a church today. The Acton Baptist Church has been located in its same area on Exchange Street since 1866. The original building was destroyed by fire in 1927 and the current building was constructed in 1929. In 1962 an addition to the Acton Baptist Church, named Judson Hall was constructed. Pleasant Valley Christian Church (The Valley), located in south Acton at 9990 N. 700 East (Acton Rd.), has been in existence since 1902.