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As to the timing of an RV I think it depends a lot on tax status. If we participate in OSI and use other tax deferred options there is less of an impact if an RV were to take place this year. If one were to take profits right away then having the RV after the first of the year postpones paying taxes until 2020 instead of 2019. With a now divided Congress it’s hard to speculate on what changes there may be in tax law by 2020.

As I’m typing the markets are up a little but there is no rally going on. The price of oil has multiple effects. Higher prices hit the consumer with higher prices of gasoline and heating oil. Typically higher prices help the oil companies and the investors who own their stock or are long in the market. Maybe Trump is playing to consumer interests.

With regard to crypto currencies I think it’s going to be a wild ride before it settles out. I see the Bank of China may be planning to create its own. Unless and until there are only one or two widely used crypto-currencies or a great system is developed for transferring from one to the other I don’t see them becoming the main financial system in the near future.

The stiff Insanian sanctions are in place AND the specific Insanian entities (banks included) have been cut off from SWIFT. The ability to FREELY purchase Insanian crude oil is "tanking" and cutting off a significant source of income so a priori prioritizing the cutting off the Insanian Terrorist Machine Funding via the corrupt weekday CBI daily currency auctions would make sense for terminating another significant source of income from the Insanians.

It was announced NOW is the time to fill the remaining 2018 budgetary items that seems to be out of place for ANY sort of urgency with the Bicraqi Iraqi. gas in babies treatment NOTHING else seems to get done ON TIME so why NOW???!!! If the Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar international exchange rate were to change SUDDENLY, the cash flow in Iraq could be problematic if the numerical values of the Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar were apportioned according to the 2018 budget.

The Nouri al-Maliki appointed temporarily acting CBI Governor Goof Ball Ali al-Allaaq is still doing stupid stuff as acting CBI Governor and looks like HE can’t do much of anything since, when he does, Parliament is all over him. I suspect Ali al-Alaaq CAN NOT legally modify the international Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar exchange rate so is conveniently placed to facilitate the financial corruption through the Bicraqi Iraqi CBI.

All in all, I think there is more going on BEHIND the scenes to make the most of the remaining 2018. I favor more of a quicker change in the international exchange rate of the Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar for a more stable transition to the advertised 2019 Reconstruction Phase as well as getting things set for the 2019 Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar Budget to be implemented smoothly.

I believe sooner rather than later to prevent wild speculation that could drive the international Bicraqi Iraqi exchange rate down. electricity problem in up My opinion is Nouri al-Maliki and Ali al-Alaaq will need to be fully removed as a couple key indicators of significant progress being made to kick off the Reconstruction Phase so I anticipate (I may be wrong here) Good News about the "disposition" of at least THOSE Two Miscreants.

The walls are closing in on Maliki with the reduction in upper level government staff and hopefully he won’t be able to negotiate a new place in the government to seek protection from prosecution. The Maliki appointed CBI Govenor looks really bad with the last minute bombshell of the sewer soaked 7 Billion Dinar. We need a seated government followed by a big ROUND UP of corrupt officials. This should go a long way to proving to the people of Iraq that their government is working on their behalf. Approval of the HCL and a currency with newly issued lower denominations plus an associated rate change.

I have been hanging on the edge of my seat for many years but this country does not move fast on anything. At this point I’m thinking 2019 although the pressures of sanctions on Iran along with the dollar and oil squeeze may force it into this year which I truly hope so because I’m tired! A few years ago during one of our election cycles there was some middle east crisis in the news and a congressman from some east coast state made a comment something like…. "You can’t trust anybody with a Dairy Queen tablecloth and a fan belt on their head". He conveniently disappeared from the scene never to be heard from again. At this stage of the game with so many things I have read and the corruption that is rampant in Iraq I am truly ready for this ride to be over not to mention that I sorta share that politicians sentiment.

The FAANG Stocks are two rich for my blood. They are fun to watch! I rode in a Tesla Model 3 the other day and I was quite impressed by it’s features and benefits along with the ride and quiet cabin. The stereo was high end home audio and you could even play video games. All in all.. Tesla was super neat technology that I would consider owning at some point. I am an avid fan and customer of Amazon. It’s convenient , fast, easy if you need to return something ( on that note I don’t know how ebay stays in business) and Amazon is competitive on many items.

CRYPTO – Well that is equally as confusing as oil. I dabble in several coins now and some alt coins but I am down at least on the alt coins as much as 50%. I am hopeful that they will return and soar way beyond my expectations but who knows. Markets are jittery and I think people are anxious to see what happens with the change in congress. Hopefully we can continue moving forward and hopefully our current state of political misery will subside and people can just agree to disagree like we always have and still continue to move forward. I am glad Texas stayed RED and hope that all our elected officials work together to keep this country great.

Also on the agenda for the coming days is “Black Friday”. gas vs electric range Be sure to have the riot gear ready when you hit the mall, because those little old ladies will legitimately run your butt over with their shopping cart for the $2 savings on their coveted knitting kit. And kick you as they wheel by, if you happened to slow them down too much, because by God there are more things to throw in the cart!

Iraq still has a major portion of what is one of the most valuable commodities on the planet. Iraq has been torn down, beaten, and bruised… and then clawed it’s way back to a very respectable place. If you’re like me, you might be a little annoyed with the wait. But you also realize that the "wait" isn’t unreasonable. It only seems like this has taken a long time because unrealistic expectations have been set by many, including some "gurus" that constantly jump the gun and make premature speculations.

Regading VIP, the basics are simple: Join VIP and when we have the RV in hand, you’re going to get a guaranteed better return on your exchange. electricity jokes We have further opportunities to multiple that profit, and the BEST asset protection plans you can imagine. That’s just the short description! VIP is something you won’t regret – hop on in there with us.

*** edit: The article seems to indicate that the US is ramping up oil production, which will lower prices globally. Iraq may need to adjust their Budget, and maybe the potential RV amount will be reflected in that. Let’s say they were to RV at $1, but oil is 30% lower than the former anticipated price, then the RV could come in at .70 as well.

Before I go into my thoughts and analysis on the new landscape, let’s remember what this really comes down to… OIL. For us to profit off of a rise in value on the currency of Iraq, they must raise the exchange rate. This is a very simple concept – it is a simple matter of market manipulation and if it benefits them and is feasible – they will do it. When the value of IQD plummeted, that was at a time when there was no faith in Iraq’s ability to cover it’s debt. Iraq was a country torn by war, confusion, chaos… it had no leader, it had no way to act as a sovereign nation. Iraq was placed under Chapter 7 by the United Nations, rendered incapable of operating a full military, helpless and dependent on outside help. Without means of protecting themselves, they could not possibly take advantage of their natural resources. They did not have any strength, and they had to go the long road of rebuilding not only their country, but rebuilding the world’s confidence in their ability to buy back their currency and deliver on their contracts.

According to the Iraqi Constitution, the new PM has exactly 30 days from taking the role to seat/appoint/select the new GOI. k electric jobs For those of you new to the discussion, that means nothing… if it takes longer than 30 days, nobody is getting hanged, tarred and feathered, or anything else. I expect to see the job 80% done inside the “mandatory” 30 days…

We’re looking at a very clear trend. We can trace this all the way back to former Prime Minister Abadi’s assumption of his role as former Prime Minister. He had heavy resistance, but with the support and backing of a (slight) majority of the PTB, he was able to take charge and for quite some time made impressive progress on many things that have propped up Iraq, making it a more stable country than it has been in many decades. Follow recent history over the last couple years, glance at the recent elections, then compare them to the elections that were held over 10 years ago when many Iraqi Dinar holders first heard that there was an opportunity for the Dinar to regain it’s former value… OH. WHAT. A. DIFFERENCE! The recent elections were held, they took their time sorting the votes, and there was no major drama or setbacks. A President was appointed, then a Prime Minister, and STILL no significant upsets or shocking news.

Oh, did I mention that incoming Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi served as OIL MINISTER between 2014 and 2016? That’s right… and he was placed there under Abadi, back when it was Abadi’s job to form the GOI. Even before that, Mahdi was Finance Minister under Allawi back in 2004. This new Prime Minister may not be everyone’s favorite… but he has some very serious credentials, and I think he’s going to play very nice with all of the important people in this process.