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Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank offers personal loans at attractive rates of interest. These loans are generally disbursed quickly with minimum amount of paperwork. The maximum limit on loan amount is good enough to cover various financial needs of customers. You can avail customized loan quotes depending upon your monetary requirement.

A customer can require funds for a variety of personal reasons like wedding, vacation, child’s education, house renovation and so on. Any loan taken towards fulfilling any of these personal needs is termed as a Personal Loan. Eligibility Criteria for ADCB Personal Loans:

To avail the personal loans from ADBC, an aspiring applicant will need to fill out the personal loan application form which is available at the ADBC website. This form contains key particulars that need to be filled in by the applicant such as identity details and income details. The relevant sections of this form are described below

This includes details of the applicant’s name, nationality or Idbara number if the applicant is a UAE national, number of years resided in UAE, passport number, passport expiry date, Visa number and expiry date, country of origin, gender, marital status, number of dependents and other family details. Personal details will also require applicant to fill in a personal reference and a company reference along with their contact information. Personal information also includes details of residence in the country and whether or not it is an own residence or one provided by an employer.• Employer details:

In order to verify the income of an applicant, the form requires applicants to provide employer details such as name of employer, date of joining, contact address and email of workplace, employee number and address of the employer.• Income details:

These include the minutiae of the applicant’s income such as basic salary, commission, allowance, accrued end of service benefits and total monthly salary. It also requires the applicant to disclose any other benefits provided by employer such as car, house, medical bonus, schooling for children etc.• Financial details:

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB), UAE, offers a wide range of personal loans at attractive interest rates to its customers. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank is one of the largest banks in UAE with services ranging from Investment Banking to Asset Management to Credit Cards and so on. ADCB was founded in the year 1985 as a public share-holding company. The Abu Dhabi government holds 65% stakes in the bank while the rest 35% are held by various individuals and institutions.

The bank envisions to become the number one bank in the UAE and strives to build a lifelong partnership with all its customers. The bank has won several awards and accolades for customer service and innovative banking. ADCB Personal Loan FAQs

Expats are charged an insurance fee for Aspire and Privilege customer that is 1% of the loan amount and the Excellency customer get charged 0.5%. UAE Nationals are charged an insurance fee for Aspire customer that is 0.5% of the loan amount and the Excellency and Privilege customer get charged 0.5%.• What is the interest rate charged on ADCB Personal Loans?.