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To the sandy beach! Yeah! It was less than twenty kilometres to drive to the beach at Capitolo. Free parking. You only pay for parking from June 1st to September 30th, 1 euro per hour to a 5 euro maximum for the day. A lesson for Sauble Beach? Because of the holiday, there were plenty of people at the beach and in the water although more were wading rather than swimming. I swam. Delightful! The warmest so far! Brian waded. We walked the length of the beach and back in the water. There were not many seashells but I picked up four little ones. The beach is sandy but there are rocky shelves in patches just below the surface. The Adriatic is varying shades of aqua, turquoise and blue. There were about forty individual change houses and a couple of washrooms along the beach but they were not yet open for the season, which apparently does not begin until June. I think when the air temperature is over 25C the season is now!

We drove passing above Fasano to the beach. Fasano is a city in a valley surrounded by olive trees. Most of the groves (orchards?) have been filled showing a red pebbly soil. Many of the orchards have been planted with vegetables: row upon row of tomatoes, beans, onions, artichokes. The cherry orchard beside our trullo has been filled but not yet planted. By the size of the green cherries I think they will be ready for picking in three weeks.

We drove back by a different route, less traffic but more twists and turns also through many olive groves, past many trullis. We passed near Alberobello where we stopped for gas. We have done about six hundred kilometres on three quarters of a tank of gas. It cost twenty one euros to fill the tank. The newer houses that are not trullis are flat roofed and rectangular often with arches on an open porch, usually painted white, parged over concrete blocks.

We had to drive to Locorotondo this morning for our breakfast that is included with our accommodation it is not served here. We had been given tickets to turn in at a bar/cafe/gelateria. We were almost there when we received a message from our manager to go to a different bar as the owner of the first decided he would close for the holiday. Fortunately Bar Guida was just around the corner. Our server delivered our cappuccino and filled

The table with a variety of pastries, yogourt and muesli. We liked the custard tarts with kiwi, strawberry or blueberries best. With our second cappuccino the server brought more pastries. We said we did not need any more but she insisted. We took them for a snack later.

Last night we prepared our own supper. We had bought a roasted chicken. We fried mushrooms and added tomato sauce (from Sicily) to our sausage stuffed pasta. We had a prepared salad that included three greens, tomatoes flakes of parmigiana and prosciutto. We finished with chocolate ice cream. We still have some leftovers for tonight to add to our beef/sausage kebabs. Brian splurged on a red wine from Puglia for 2.94 euros. He wanted one red pepper to fry with the mushrooms but they came as two huge ones in a package. Lots of vitamins! We used the remains of the chicken in sandwiches for today’s lunch.