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Brock Millard COLUMBIAVILLE — Smart meters are coming to Lapeer County — in some areas they’re already here — and that is raising some questions among residents.

Advanced electrical meters have created a buzz, and there is some controversy surrounding them. Electricity and magnetism lecture notes DTE began installing the meters in Lapeer County on March 14, and by July they expect to have all customers’ meters converted.

According to DTE literature, “the advanced metering program involves the installation of highly-accurate, state-of-the-art metering technology for residential and commercial electric and natural gas customers.” The meters transmit your energy usage data using radio frequency signals, eliminating the need for a meter reader to come to your home. Electricity labs high school The utility company claims the advanced meters will allow them to quickly locate and reduce the length of power outages and other problems, virtually eliminate estimated bills, and allow faster, less intrusive service because they can remotely connect and disconnect service.

“We are proud of this accomplishment, and by the end of the year virtually all of our customers will have this excellent tool to manage their energy use and save money,” said Ron May, DTE Energy executive vice president of Major Enterprise Projects in a news release last week. Electricity in indian villages “With nearly 80 percent of the installations complete so far, we’re focused on ensuring people understand the benefits of advanced meters and how to make the most out of this safe and secure technology.”

Like many homeowners in Lapeer County, Brock Millard of Columbiaville recently got a letter from DTE indicating that the company would be installing advanced metering in the area. Gasco abu dhabi location DTE began installing the meters in Lapeer County, and they are expected to finish in July.

Some of the information presented in the utility company’s brochure about advanced metering, however, made Millard decide to do some research into just what these smart meters are all about. Gas quality He thought he’d have months before the utility company actually came to the area to install the meters, but he was wrong, and after he began looking into the matter, he decided he didn’t want one on his home. Gas tax oregon Among the statements that caught Millard’s eye and made him look into the smart meters were DTE’s claims that the customers’ privacy is safe with the smart meters, and that there are no health hazards associated with the new technology.

In terms of the privacy issue, Millard said, the smart meters are sending constant bursts of information about energy usage, and he’s concerned about the level of information that is sent – and what it means when there is no energy usage detected.

“All the systems have gone through numerous security reviews,” said Miller. Frictional electricity examples Only the hourly billing data is transmitted back to DTE, he said, but customers do have the option of downloading a free app called DTE Insight App, and then using the Energy Bridge option to closely track their own usage using instantaneous data – a customer can look at the app, turn on an appliance, and immediately see how much it changes their energy usage. Electricity will not generally cause All detailed customer data is private, Miller said, requiring that customer’s login and password.

Both Miller and DTE communications manager Randi Berris said they have smart meters on their homes, and they say it is a money saving opportunity for customers, because they can monitor their usage patterns and make changes to lower their bill. Gas efficient cars under 5000 Miller said he’s even saved himself from having a wet basement by recognizing when his sump pump was malfunctioning.

Potential health hazards are another concern Millard has about smart meters. Electricity storage handbook According to the brochure DTE sent out to local customers in advance of smart meter installation, the equipment operates at a low-power radio frequency, comparable to a cordless telephone, in compliance with state and federal communication standards. Electricity deregulation choices and challenges Studies by the World Health Organization claim standing within three feet of a smart meter when it is transmitting exposes a person to less radiation than standing in front of an active microwave or using a cell phone, and the radiation is far below the FCC’s allowable amounts.

“There is no clear evidence from recent American Cancer Society reports that the waves from smart meters have any harmful effects,” said Berris.

There are a number of people in Michigan and around the country who are concerned about health issues related to smart meters. Electricity use estimator Those concerns include electromagnetic hypersensitivity causing dizziness, fatigue, headaches, seizures, reproductive issues and cancer risk. Arkansas gas and oil commission Courts in Michigan last year rejected activists’ attempts to stop the installation of smart meters by DTE and Consumers Energy. Electricity projects for grade 6 The utilities and other smart-meter proponents say there is no scientific evidence of widespread health and safety issues.

DTE offers residents the opportunity to “opt out” of having a smart meter installed, but that doesn’t mean that you get to keep your old analog meter. V lab electricity A smart meter will still be installed, but it’s a “non-transmitting meter.” Opting out by choosing a non-transmit- ting meter costs a customer $67.20 up front, and an additional $9.80 per month — fees that DTE said will cover a meter reader having to come to the home.

Millard has managed to keep his analog meter so far but, Berris said, “customers do need to have the new smart meter installed. Us electricity hertz There is no option to keep the analog meter.” If a customer was to put a lock on the meter in an attempt to keep it, the utility company would take necessary action.

Even with a non-transmitting meter, Millard said he is concerned that he would still be exposed to the radio waves from smart meters on neighboring homes.

Millard is hoping for positive action on House Bill 4916, which was introduced by Rep. Gas in chest Gary Glenn, R-Larkin Twp., on Sept. Electricity word search printable 29. Electricity merit badge worksheet answers The bill would require electric utilities that adopt advanced “smart meters” to allow customers to opt out without penalty. Electricity billy elliot chords It would impose restrictions on how utilities could use information collected from the meters, and require utilities to implement a system for allowing customers to read their own meters and self-report electricity or gas use. Electricity towers in japan Utilities would still check meters themselves once per year, and would be prohibited from charging extra to allow this option.

That bill was referred to the House Energy Policy Committee, and Millard is encouraging concerned people to contact committee chair Rep. Gas in back and stomach Aric Nesbitt, R- Porter Twp., at 517-373- 0839 or via email at AricNesbitt@

For now, Millard is continuing to do his homework and he’s shared information with the County Commission and the Columbiaville and Mayville village councils. Electricity prices per kwh 2013 He’s planning to attend other meetings as well, and he’s urging customers to become informed about the meters.

“I don’t like to be involved in these types of things… but this is so important to me,” he said. Electricity games “I just want to do whatever I can do to help people on this.”