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This Wiki includes 648 honors that have been approved at or above the Division level which are divided into eight honor categories that each share a common background or field color on the patch. Regional honors are grouped together, followed by the Master Awards and Other Pathfinder awards and pins. o gastronomo buffet Afterward, there is a page of patches that are no longer current and have been retired or discontinued. gasco abu dhabi Finally, there is sortable list of all honors and Guidelines for Contributors.

Note: Adventist Youth Honors are approved by various levels of the Pathfinder/AY organization. Most AY Honors are adopted by the General Conference for the whole world but some honors have Division specific variations, or have only been adopted on a regional basis. Honors adopted at the GC or Division level are presented in 8 named and color coded categories, while any other Honors are presented in a regional category. The header on each Honor page shows what level of the organization has approved the Honor. e85 gas stations in san antonio tx Anyone is welcome to work on any Honor but may need to request the patch from the approving level or a conference office within that area.

This answer book is being written by Pathfinders for Pathfinders. Anyone (even non-Pathfinders) can contribute new answers or edit existing answers, and the reader is encouraged to become an active participant in the development of this continually expanding and improving work for the benefit of Pathfinders worldwide. gas 87 89 93 See the Contributor Guidelines further down this page.

The stage icons ( ) indicate which Honors or categories have comprehensive answers and which still need work. gas 4 less An honor’s development stage is simply the percentage of requirements which have been fully answered (unanswered and partially answered requirements are considered unanswered). The same logic is applied to honor categories, with partially answered honors contributing nothing to the completeness level.

Instruction for meeting the requirement, or an answer to the question posed by the requirement should follow the requirement. gas efficient cars 2016 Look at some of the existing answers to see how they are structured before you begin. Press the "edit this page" link to see how wiki markup is done, and be sure to check out the "editing help" link that appears at the bottom of a page being edited.

Please do not copy content from copyrighted sources without securing permission first. This especially applies to the answers in the official Answer Books by Leland Davis. It also applies to content that other people have written for various Pathfinder websites and to images you find on the Internet. Please read the Pathfinder Wiki:Copyrights section for more information. gas x side effects It is OK to gather information from these resources, and you are encouraged to consult multiple sources – but with few exceptions, you must put answers in your own words.

You also may copy content (modified or verbatim) from Wikipedia, but please leave a note in the Community Portal when you do this so the administrators can import the edit history from Wikipedia (that’s how it’s done without violating the license). Be aware though that many Wikipedia articles are written at a very high level, often requiring a college education (or medical degree!) to fully understand.

Keep your audience in mind when writing. Try to use language that is geared toward the typical Pathfinder who will be taught using this information. That means you should write at the fifth-grade level for honors that are designated as skill level 1, and eighth-grade level for honors that are designated at skill levels 2 and 3. It’s OK to use technical terms as long as they are explained in the text.