Aerosol-generating system having variable airflow gas efficient cars


This is a continuation of and claims priority to PCT/EP2017/078151, filed on Nov. 3, 2017, and further claims priority to EP 16198749.0, filed on Nov. 14, 2016, both of which are hereby incorporated by reference in their entirety. BACKGROUND

Example embodiments relate to an aerosol-generating system (which may also be referred to as an electronic vaping system) configured to allow variable airflow through the system. The system may be in a form of an electrically operated smoking system.

An aerosol-generating system in a form of an electrically operated smoking system may comprise an aerosol-generating device comprising a battery, control electronics, and an electric heater for heating an aerosol-forming substrate. The aerosol-forming substrate may be contained within the aerosol-generating device. For example, the aerosol-generating device may comprise a liquid storage portion in which a liquid aerosol-forming substrate, such as a nicotine solution, is stored. Some devices have attempted to include a tobacco-based substrate to impart a tobacco taste to the generated aerosol. However, such devices typically are not amenable to customization. SUMMARY

An aerosol-generating system may comprise a cartridge comprising a cartridge housing containing a solid aerosol-forming substrate, the cartridge housing defining a cartridge air inlet and a cartridge air outlet, the cartridge air inlet extending through a cartridge wall portion of the cartridge housing; a vaporiser section configured to receive the cartridge, the vaporiser section comprising a vaporiser housing containing an electric heater and a liquid aerosol-forming substrate, the vaporiser housing defining a vaporiser air inlet and a vaporiser air outlet, the vaporiser air outlet extending through a vaporiser wall portion of the vaporiser housing, the cartridge wall portion abutting the vaporiser wall portion when the cartridge is received within the vaporiser section, the cartridge configured to be rotatable with respect to the vaporiser section to vary an amount of overlap between the cartridge air inlet and the vaporiser air outlet; and a power supply section comprising a power supply configured to supply electrical power to the electric heater.

The cartridge housing may define a first compartment and a second compartment, the solid aerosol-forming substrate is within the first compartment, and the cartridge air inlet is in a form of a first cartridge air inlet in fluidic communication with the first compartment and a second cartridge air inlet in fluidic communication with the second compartment.

The cartridge may be configured so that the amount of overlap between the vaporiser air outlet and the first cartridge air inlet increases as the amount of overlap between the vaporiser air outlet and the second cartridge air inlet decreases.

The aerosol-generating system may further comprise a first indicium on an outer surface of the cartridge housing; and a second indicium on an outer surface of the vaporiser housing, wherein the first indicium and the second indicium are configured to cooperate to indicate a rotational orientation of the cartridge with respect to the vaporiser section.

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